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Review by Pokerplayer See Profile

  • Location: Gatineau,QC
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (12 month contract)
Good "connection speed (Cable)"
Bad "support, communication with customers and within the organisation, billing practices,"
Overall "STAY AWAY!!!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I have to say the connection speed was as promised at 8Mbps, consistently. That's the only thing I had to say that was positive about this company. 31.95/month * 12 = $383.40/year one shot payment.

Everything you've read about the phone time waits and the poor customer service is absolutely true, when you place a call to order a connection, they are pretty fast, but that is where they focus their phone reps, once they have you, they don't mind making you wait for 20-30 minutes on hold, and that's after waiting 20-30 minutes to get a rep in the first place. After you've waited that long they never have an answer upon return, you have to submit a ticket, which is NEVER answered in 48h as promised, usually 4-5 BUSINESS days, not counting extra days for weekends.

I have severe problems with their billing procedures, paying upfront for a year of service, I didn't really mind the first year, it was clearly indicated and expected, when you get to your 2nd year, it can catch you off guard when you see 500$ zip off your credit card. The main problem I have with their billing is the overusage charges. In Quebec you have a cap of 50GB/month and $4.50/GB after that for a max of $50(for this plan 8Mbps, no max on the higher speed so watch out).

Here's where I have a big problem, they sent me a e-mail for an extra usage charge 8 months after the fact, followed by 5 more stating the same within 48h, all requesting $50... that they already charged, that's a total of 300$+tax without warning or any chance to change my usage habits. The last e-mail I received was to inform me that I my last payment failed, I checked my credit card and had plenty of money, I called my credit card and they told me they had put a stop because they "THOUGHT I WAS THE VICTIM OF INTERNET FRAUD". Ironic that I kind of was. I explained to the VISA rep what was going on and he offered to reverse the charges and to change my credit card number, I agreed.

If they billed me the overusage monthly, that would have been fine and the end of it, I would have consumed less and not gotten charged for 6 months on a single time table. They wanted more than that, but got cut off by my VISA, thank god they got caught. Thank you VISA for having my back or else these crooks would have bled me dry.

Contacting them for more information and to rectify the situation was as described... LONG AND PAINFUL and got absolutely no results stating that I used the service and had to pay for it. When I asked why it took them 8 months to bill me my overusage, they claimed that Videotron doesn't give them access to this information on a regular basis, so when they get the information they pass it off to their customers. I contacted Videotron's wholesale department and they clearly told me that all there resellers have access to this information instantly, not every 6-8 months, which makes sense of a big box wholeseller to provide this information correctly and promptly to it's resellers.

I had my account closed as I was approaching my renew date and there was no way in H**L that I was going to keep giving money to an organisation that didn't respect it's customers enough that they would let them (unknowingly) accumulate such a debt and then try to force them to pay up. It's a broken company, they ended up closing my account 10 days prior to my renew date for obvious reasons, I didn't want to pay into their little scam. Even as I was closing my account they tried to tell me that account was already terminated LOL, and that it had been suspended since my last payment was rejected (this last bill was in November for the month of september, we were now in late february) and then told me I could reactivate my account when I paid the last bill. I thought that was hilarious since I still had full internet access and they were completely clueless that I not only had access but that all my charges were reversed (this is now 3-4 months later, they should have been fully aware of this by now).

This should be the end of my review... but it's not.

You see in my household we had Cable and DSL from Acanac, once I was cut from my Cable account, I started sharing the DSL my connection with my roomates, you see they had Bell before and had speeds of 6mbps, I was the one who suggested they switch to acanac for cheaper unlimited access that would probably be the same speed as it's the same line. They've had the connection for 2 years, had outages lasting a couple days, but since we had 2 connections, it didn't matter. They are more casual surfers and sometimes watch a couple videos here and there. When we started sharing, I noticed that the speed wasn't up to par with what they were paying for. According to it was 2.5Mbps Down, and 0.68 up. less tha half of what they were getting with Bell and what Acanac advertised. My roommate sent a message to acanac VIA their less than fabulous website communication portal, at 4 or 5 different occasions using the e-mail address where he received bills, letting them know that he wasn't receiving the speed he was paying for, what speeds he was getting according to, and if they could please look into it for him, he also mentionned that he used to get 6Mbps from Bell and it was the same line and that he suspected there was a CAP on his line. He never so much as got a Ticket number(this is how they communicate with their customers, you submit a problem, they issue a ticket and then alegedly respond within 48H), they just chose to completely ignore any requests for them to look into the matter. Now some of you might say that it's the same address as a "delinquent" customer, maybe but it's not the same customer, it's a different customer with a different situation and still he gets treated with complete disregard.

His renewal date was on March 13, 2012,

(12 * ($32.95/month+8$/m dryloop)) = $491.40

he got swiped his $500 for the year, his last ticket request was for CANCELLATION, he received a ticket, now let's see if they honor the 30 days moneyback Garantee he sent it april 7th, that should leave plenty of time to get his money back.

We'll see, if not, I guarantee I'll be back.

I ordered a Cable connection we'll be sharing from ELECTRONIC BOX at 36.95/month with 250GB bandwidth.... billed monthly and if you pass the limit(which will be tough) it's $0.50/GB up to max of $25. Ordered the 1st of april, Videotron confirmed install for the 9th, so pretty fast setup time. We'll see what happens, but I expect 8Mbps since my last connection had that speed on the same line.

Just be happy Acanac that you have 2 negative reviews in 1, it'll help you in maintaining a pitiful 63% "happy" rating

CONCLUSION, stay away from acanac and look at the negative reviews, people who are happy... never dealt with support and I'm happy for them, they'll regret their positive review once they have to. If you live in Quebec and go through Cable, beware if you think you are using the bandwidth correctly, you might get a surprise way down the line, if you have DSL, make sure you get what you pay for, there is more competition now, and competence will not be found here.

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