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Six Month Rating

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Review by cbourdeau See Profile

  • Location: Chateauguay,QC
  • Cost: $65 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 29 days
Good "It works!"
Bad "Support, Delays if you need something done"
Overall "Good if you can support yourself."
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I switched to Acanac from Videotron.

Why I switched:
No more internet usage cap
Better Price/speed value

When I was looking around for a new ISP I checked all those who offered cable (DSL is useless where I live). So check EBOX, Teksavvy, Acanac etc... I chose Acanac because they offered unlimited internet at a resonable price for the 30/2 package. I was also a VOIP customer since 2009. And they will have a IPTV service soon and you need to get the internet from them to have access.

Here's my Acanac experience.

On april 27 I ordered Acanac Internet Online.
Beginning of May I was billed on my credit card and received an e-mail concerning my information. Installation date pending may 14th.

On may 14th I received the modem, but the Videotron tech didn't show up... So I opened a tiket and the same night I was told my installation date was set to may 21st. If they knew it that day, why didn't they tell me?

May 21st Videotron tech came to my house, I asked him what he needed to do and he asked me if I had cable service I said yes. So the tech asked me what he was doing at my house! I told him I didn't know, so then he asked me if I needed something done, anything since he was here... I said I didn't need anything so he check the signal everething was ok. He then made sure I had all the filters that videotron had installed still in place and he left.

About an hour later I notice that my Acanac modem was online. I switched everything and did a speedtest... It's then that I found out Acanac had a problem with the speed profile. I opened a ticket and it took about 2 weeks before it got resolved. This affected all Acanac 30/2 Quebec users.

I waited 2 weeks to make sure everything was fine before cancelling my Videotron internet access.

Since my install I didn't have any problems with service except the speed profile. On the web site it says that it has a rate limit from 4pm to 12am. I do multiple speed tests at any hour and I've never seen my speed go under 30mbs. The rate limit is only if needed and will drop your connection 1mbs at a time it will not go to 15mbs right away (This was said by one of the owners on the forums).

Up to now I'm satisfied with the service, the only thing is that it took 1 month to get serviced by Acanac. So my suggestion is if you want to change, don't cancel your internet service until your Acanac service is working.

Update March 8th 2013
Still using Acanac for internet, everything is going well. There was 1 month that the speed droped to 3-4 mbps every evening. After opening a ticket to support and collecting speed tests from different speed tests sites, the problem found and fixed.

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Trenton, ON

Acanac Inc.

Just wanted to let you know if you send an email to billing@acanac.com and ask to have your start date adjusted I am sure they will help you out with that.

Chateauguay, QC

Re: Acanac Inc.

I did that already... Thanks.
Trenton, ON

Re: Acanac Inc.

Then they will adjust it for you.