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Six Month Rating

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Review by cbourdeau See Profile

  • Location: Chateauguay,QC
  • Cost: $10 per month (12 month contract)
Good "It works as good as a cellphone..."
Bad "Not as goos as a POTS ilne"
Overall "Good for the price if you have other means of comunications"
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My Other Reviews

In 2009 I was tired of getting an almost 200$ bill from videotron each month so I started looking around for cheaper services. A few people where I work told me about Acanac so I took a look at it. Since me and my girlfriend each had a cellphone I decided to go VOIP beacause having a home line was a bit over the top with both cell phones and Videotron's prices for home lines are not exactly cheap when you get long distance calling in Quebec for 10$ a month..

Anyways I decided to make the switch and ordered VOIP and DSL internet. After setting up the internet I found out that where I lived I couldn't get more than 1mbs down so cancelled it without problems. I kept the VOIP because it was working fine. In the beginning Acanac was having problems with the VOIP service and took 1-2 months to fix them.

Since then, I havn't had any problems with it except that recently I switched to Acanac for my cable internet and got the 1 year free VOIP plan with it. They switched my VOIP account to a different server and never told me! I found it out myself when my phone wasn't working and I logged in my VOIP control panel. It was sending me to another server!

I think they offer a pretty stable VOIP service and I don't see myself ending it soon. I recommend it, but only for people that are techsavy and can support themselves.

March 8th 2013

Still using acanac VOIP and still satisfied of the service. Only thing is that I opened a ticket because I can't call the "info santé" line of my region and it was never fixed. I opened another ticket to ask them to check the first one and didn't get resolution for the ticket up to now (It's been a few months). So again good for people that can support themselves and don't expect quick problem fixing.

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updated 1.6 years ago

Trenton, ON

Acanac Inc.

Thank you for the review. We do appreciate it.


No 811 access

You will not get any shortcut (numbers like 311, 411, 511, 811) access directly on VoIP - doesn't matter whose VoIP it is. And 911 goes to an intermediate call center (called e911) that will perform triage before forwarding your call to the local 911 service, which is a bummer if you are choking or having a heart attack - the same applies to cell service.

The solution is to edit the 'dial plan' in your ATA to substitute the local number for the service when you dial 811 - the same applies to any number and you can create shortcuts to other numbers as well . . . but don't expect support (from ANY provider) to help you with that.

Beyond all this, VoIP is not IMO reliable enough to rely on for emergencies - and the disclaimers issued by ALL VoIP providers is testament to this.