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Review by carcajou See Profile

  • Location: Riviere-Beaudette,QC
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Bad "badder than bad business practices with consumers"
Overall "stay away from them"

* FAIR WARNING * The author of this review has a beef with Acanac and may not be fully impartial.

Ok, here s my case in short.

I moved to a Quebec rural area and surfed the net looking at what were my options here. I first learned from Bell that there s no DSL.

I ended on Acanac s website ( I had never heard of them before ). I went to the cable service section and was asked to enter my postal code. The result was that cable service " seemed " to be available. I thought " Good: I m getting somewhere " and selected 6 months of unlimited 30 MB cable service and a cable modem. Modem was 100 dollars and 6 months of service about 350. With activation fee and taxes, I forked about 600 up front ( charged to my credit card the next day september 8 ).

Now, please dont jump on me saying I m an uneducated fool and I should have verified IN ADVANCE with the back-end provider ( Videotron ). I know that TODAY. I did not BACK THEN.

Ok, you guessed it: there s no cable service available AT ALL here. Problem is...I had to find out by myself ( when I finally called Videotron ). When the tech didn t show up on the date I was expecting him ( sept 20 ) I phoned over the course of a couple weeks several times and Acanac s Sales Dept was always repeating that I d get an email with a rescheduled date quickly. Of course the email then was never coming.

TO THIS DAY, oct 16, I did not receive any email from Acanac accepting the simple fact that they CANNOT deliver the agreed service. On the other hand, I got that info quickly on the Acanac Community forum from their rep there . So that info is actually not hard to get for somebody working there. All that the rep had to do was to communicate with the cable manager and he got a quick answer.

I sent a notice of cancellation to Acanac billing Dept. on oct 5 stating ( among other critics ) that they sold me a non-existent service and I wanted a full refund. Their answer was " Our manager will investigate and we will get back to you as soon we have his answer " Now excuse me...what do they want to investigate exactly ? They have been " investigating " for almost 2 weeks now and I received nothing more.

So I have been in the twilight zone of complete absurdity for quite a bit of time. I handled the matter to my credit card issuer because there is no point trying to communicate with anybody in Acanac. I thought a bank might have a better chance getting a response.

I joined their Community Forum where quite many people were voicing their trouble with that elusive " billing Dept ". The rep there seemed to do his best in some cases but the company suddenly decided that billing issues would become taboo in their forum. Threads were duly deleted. No billing issue allowed. I dont know if there are copyrights on forum postings but I could easily copy it here...it s sadly funny.

Another funny post on their forum was when their rep stated that replying to tickets from billing actually had the effect of sending you back at the end of the queue. For example, I already waited 2 weeks for an answer to my cancellation notice. sending another message ON THE SAME TICKET would mean....going back to another 2 weeks wait. It s absurd, but it s what Acanac says.

Then I found out that many aspects of their contract were actually quite illegal in Quebec. Such fixed-term service contracts are strictly regulated by the Consumers Protection Act. For example, it is illegal in Quebec to auto-renew a one-year contract for another year on the anniversary date. All that you can auto-renew has to be on a monthly basis only. Acanac does reconduct for another year routinely. Penalties when cancelling are also regulated and capped for Quebec clients. Acanac does not comply with the Law. And it does not matter that the Acanac contract says litigation must be brought in an Ontario Court. The Law in Quebec is that a contract between them and a Quebec client will be deemed to have been signed at the Consumer s residence. Acanac can either accept that or get out of the quebec market altogether

Acanac also starts billing clients from the first date of invoice ( when they order the service ) and it may take 2-3 or even 4 weeks before the service is installed. In effect clients are billed for services not rendered unless they go through the painful process of having a long and frustrating exchange with the billing Dept to have the date changed. Clients should only be billed for the period they actually had a service and it should NOT necessitate a POSITIVE action by the consumer. It should be the " by default " option that clients start to pay when the service is running. Do you think that Acanac starts paying Videotron ( or Bell ) for the use of infrastructure from the time of invoice or the time of installation ? Think about it.

Same for the 30-day cancellation policy that Acanac advertise on their website. It says you have 30 days " from activation " to evaluate the service and cancel with a full refund if it is not satisfying ( unconditional...no question asked etc you lose only the activation fee and possibly the modem if it s a cable modem) But billing considers that the activation date is the date on your INVOICE !!!! the 30 days you have to evaluate the service and your right to a refund expires 30 days after date of invoice. If you waited 30 days to be ABLE to actually evaluate the service....tough luck.

As a result of bringing those topics in the Acanac Community forum, I was kicked out LOL. But there s no specific " taboo policy " on legal aspects. There was really no funny post by their rep that " postings about the Quebec Consumers Protection Act will not be allowed in the future. " I m waiting to see it posted as an official breach of forum rules.

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