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Review by adichek See Profile

  • Location: Saint-Leonard,QC
  • Cost: $33 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Low price"
Bad "Didn't work for me"
Overall "If it works it works, if not - it is just too much pain"
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I used to have Acanac for a 2 years back in 2009 and It was working fine. Installation took maybe couple of weeks, but after that steady 5Mb/s unlimited speed - was very happy. I recommended the service to two friends, however it took them more than a month to get the service running, and it was very painful.

When Bell Fibe 25 was available, I cancelled Acanac, and switched to Bell. However despite the excellent Bell speed, it was expensive and with a ridiculous caps, so decided to switch back to good old unlimited Acanac service.

So when the problems begin. There is no appointment system for bell technician. Fortunately he called my cell when he came (I wasn't home) so I asked the landlord to let him in. Anyhow, when I came home modem was still not synchronizing, and It was the same modem I used to have with them just 2-3 months ago. I borrowed a different modem, and strangely it did work, however with the 1MB/s speed. During all this time I was communicating with Acanac using ticket system, and got a reply usually after 48 hours! I asked to send me a technician again. They told me to connect my modem to an outside box instead, claiming I have problem with inside wiring, and that is the reason I'm being capped (how come that only a week ago my wiring was good with Fibe?). I located the box, and since I live in 4plex, there was no way for me to figure out what wires belong to me. After 29 days I gave up, and cancelled. Got my money back without problem. Switched back to Bell Fibe, and somehow same wiring works with 25MB/s

Unlimited service for this price seems very tempting, and I would like to have it as it used to be. If only they could make the initial set up easier! If you got it up and running, it is a good value for money. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me:(

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Montreal, QC

Guilty until proven otherwise

With Acanac, the problem is always on your side, never on their side. Your are guilty until you can prove your are not. Wrong way of doing business.