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Review by tazvan See Profile

  • Location: Milton,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
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When looking for providers, Acanac seemed too good to be true with unlimited downloads and free voip. I ordered the service, prepaid for 3 months, was sent a modem and waited three hours for a technician to show up. After no technician, multiple phone calls - each of which was either disconnected by their phone system or the wait time kept incrementing instead of decreasing and 5 hours of wasted time, I received an email saying that they were canceling my account because they had made a mistake and no service was available at my location but not to worry, they were going to refund my account LESS THE COST OF SHIPPING AND A MODEM!!! It took them 2 weeks to tell me there was no service, it's going to cost me $100 for nothing and I wasted an entire evening for NOTHING. Trying to speak to someone was ridiculous - I finally spoke to a poor girl named Shelli who was lovely but couldn't do anything for me. ACANAC - if you had recognized the error and offered alternative service, I would have considered the option but instead, you compounded your mistake by telling me that I have to pay. I come.

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Toronto, ON

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Hi tazvan

Can you PM me your account information and I'll look into it.