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Review by beekeeper See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $32 per month (6 month contract)
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "unlimited usage"
Bad "Customer service"
Overall "Stay away from this company"
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First of all I really thought Acanac is good and serious company.But for the short time of period I figured out Acanac is miserable company.

When I asked Acanac's employees (dummies) how many days it's gonna take to get signal in my house?The answer was 2-4 days.Woww and I just sign up gave my VISA card they took money for less then 5 hours and........and I was waiting for the 15 days to get the modem at my home.And still I don't have internet at my home. I have no idea when I will get cause nobody is answering correct answer.Actually those employees are dummies and they are sending 3-4 same messages the same day.Thankfully, I just took 3 months I will survive for 3 months and take some serous company.To much headache.Do you know when to take Acanac DSL? Never,ever

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H Chen


Acanac's service is very bad!

I totally agree!

Delson, QC


guys, I fought with Acanac half year, the dsl connection was totally unstable; I almost send 20 plus emails, and always got same reply (of course the telephone service is always dying). Finally, Acanac send my ticket to Bell techie, he simply spent 10 mins to fix the problem, W...T....F..

Anyway, if you live in suburbs or small town, don't use DSL, use Cable will be more easily.