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Review by kscott See Profile

  • Location: North Gower,ON
  • Cost: $52 per month
Overall "Reconsider your options when doing business with these guys."
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Living in a rural area and didnt want to go with an overpriced satellite alternative, I stayed with Acanac DSL for almost 3 yrs. During this time, I am on my 3rd modem.

My 3rd modem 'finally' arrived 3 weeks after I was told one would be sent out.

This past Monday, lost my Internet signal.

Unplugged & rebooted modem.

ALL computers were talking to modem, so problem must have been between house & isp.

This happened at 2:00PM, having made numerous attempts at contacting Support, I kept jumping from being caller #4 with an estimated hold time of 15 minutes to caller # 11 with an estimated hold time of 174 minutes.

I stuck it out.
I'm on disability & NEED my internet.

I eventually got bumped out of the que at call got disconnected at 1130PM !!!

I called Tuesday around 9AM, ryt out of the starting gate I was caller #5 & hold time of maybe 10 minutes, I finally get thru to support.

We reboot modem, go thru the motions & it was determined, that YES, they could not talk to my modem.

I was told at the time that a technician would be out in 3 days to troubleshoot the problem.

Today I followed up with them to verify when the technician would be out & was blind sided when I was told it wouldn't be fixed until the 5th of February.

#1 - I don't like being lied to
#2 - I don't like being lied to
#3 - I don't like being lied to

During my conversation with support today I told them I'm shopping around for another provider & taking my opinions of this company viral.

Overall the service & speed were very good.
Pricing was good compared to the other option I was faced with
Tech Support wait times - unacceptable lengths
* I find 3 modems within a 3 yr span being a little excessive

* Goodbye & will never do business with them again & warn others to reconsider their options

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Montreal, QC

Cable vs DSL

Get their cable internet. DSL is more problematic then cable with any provider.
Toronto, ON

Re: Cable vs DSL

Its interesting looking at the stats on this site alone that its not good to deal with this company unless you go to their office and pay cash month to month.