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Review by morph69 See Profile

  • Location: Penetanguishene,ON
  • Cost: $50 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 13 days
Good "umlimited bandwidth 35/3 - faster than 6/1 dsl availible in penetang"
Bad "nothing as of yet"
Overall "fast, cheap and painless compared to dryloops from HELL Canada(yes hell) that always get shut off locally for no reason"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

Had an issue with the modem being shipped when i ordered, day before install i called and they sent one asap - only took 3 days to show up at that point. delayed install a few days but i made my services overlap by a month in case of possible issues as in the past had a nightmare with 3rd party dsl providers coordinating with bell.. caused me to be down for two weeks. On a good note even though i rescheduled a rogers tech called me on day of install to conform that is what i wanted and a few hours later a call center employee called from rogers to conform that the tech had actually contacted me and arrange new time slot

These are the only modems they allow
Vendor- Rogers Network Model (HW version)

Huawei Huawei MT130U V100R001C01B071 HW Ver 1A
Technicolor DCM476 AC.02.50 HW Ver 2.1
Technicolor Technicolor DCM476 AC.02.50 HW Ver 2.0
Thomson DCM 475

I was shipped the Huawei - they have said it will have a warranty as long as i am their customer

Pre-payed for a year
total cost about 700 tax in
100 for a modem
50 for install (not needed but rogers insists.. so i insisted on a fresh drop to house)
10 to ship modem
39.95 a month when paying yearly (otherwise 42.95) so like getting a month free
Package purchased was 28 meg down 1 meg up
unlimited bandwidth
(during peak hours hours (7pm-12Pm downstream will be reduced to 14 MB/S)

service includes this stuff also
free 100 gig of online storage... free vpn account ... free ssh tunneling.. and a free voip line for the term of your commitment (wont really use any of it... but some might) another company i would recommend for voip is freephoneline.ca

Acanac only uses a few modems in rogers footprint to keep costs down (every modem they add and rogers charges $25,000 - as i looked around i wanted to get a motorala gigabit gateway with wireless n but realized it would not be an option - that sucked as i want to upgrade my network to gigabit anyhow... what do ya do... guess i'll find something newer that is ddwrt flashable anyhow

had internet for a few days now... getting 40 megabit off peak hours no problem... during peak hours (think 3-11pm) they are supposed to throttle you back to 14 megabit.. found speed test are very inaccurate compared to speed being delivered ... results show from 2-14 megabit but actual real world performance is rock solid 14 megabit with torrents and such ... much better than the 6 meg dsl line i have been stuck with... VERY happy with the switch

update : |March 1st, 2013
Been a few weeks service has had 100 percent uptime and speed as been a welcome addition in the house overall. |Even during peak times easily beating 12 megabit in real world (though speed test all say less- don't trust speed test actually download something)
I have even noticed my voip service has worked better with the better upload speeds than dsl i had previously.. |Just hoping we can get access to better upload in future |:|)

update : May 1st 2013
speeds are awsome... consistent service consistent too.. still have the throttle during peak hours... speedtest on dslr is inaccurate to real speeds on cable... speedtest.net is accurate ... can download at 30 megabits seconds no problem with torrents and good servers but java and flash on this site says i have a 5 megabit connection. While the connection is throttled during peak hours (by the company) it is never sluggish during this period at all and some night it is not throttled at all (when less overall subs are active i would assume)
My call quality for my voip is better than when i was on a dryloop and 2-3 months in now I am not aware of a single outage (btw i use a ddwrt router with back-up dns name servers from open dns and google so if there have been issues i would never know)

so have had the service for about a year now... had a day of outages on the rogers cable plant.
I order the new service package about a month ago now the 35/3... paid about 600 bucks (prepaid for the year) thats tax in and out the door. Initially had some issues with getting the speeds of the new tier... thought they had not properly set up new tier ended up being a qos setting in router.. once modified get full speed almost all the time (evenings sometime minor degradation)

[URL=http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3321015439][IMG]»www.speedtest.net/result/3321015 ··· G][/URL]
»www.speedtest.net/my-result/3321 ··· 21015439
»www.speedtest.net/result/3321015 ··· 5439.png

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Toronto, ON

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Penetanguishene, ON

Re: Rate Limiting

I hate seeing all the flak you guys take around here... have given nothing but what you advertise to me thats why i update my review to give a fair portrayal on this board... been here 11 years and worked in the industry for years.... like some one to say I am a plant... they should not allow people to post reviews unless they are active members

Toronto, ON

Re: Rate Limiting

Tks for the update.