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Review by pawelluk See Profile

  • Location: North York,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (12 month contract)
Good "Cheap - More expensive in the long run"
Bad "Not worth it, poor service and will take advantage of customer financially"
Overall "Signup with another ISP, don't waste you money and time"
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My Other Reviews

·Electronic Box
- Lack of any courtesy towards a customer
- No response to customer questions in the ticket system, only sporadic unexplained posts to tickets and the unwillingness to explain
- No response from management as to try and call the customer and resolve the issue (discuss where the issue is and how it can be remedied, customers are typically not reasonable)
- Being unable to solve its technical issues
- Not taking any financial responsibility for Acanac's technical problems (credit the customer)
- Cable service offered is very intermittent

If you enter into a 1 year contract and cancel after the 30 day period, Acanac will charge you the months you were with them at their maximum monthly rate (rounding up to the next billing cycle). In these cases they will not take any financial responsibility for technical problems they could not solve or if your service wasn't working. They will not answer your questions in the ticket system, but will supply sporadic answers that ask you to accept certain cancellation terms(that they want). The customer is not responded to unless he/she accepts these terms. You can try calling, emailing, even posting on, no response. Essentially this can be considered a case of a customer forming an exit contract under duress because they only respond to you accepting their terms and while the customer wants to recover their costs(time is running out they charge you full rate per month).


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Oy Vay - how uninformed can a customer be?

Now, I've been with Acanac for a number of years. I'm on DSL, my nephew is on Cable and I am a professional in the IT field, so maybe I have an advantage over the typical subscriber from a technical perspective, but just how off track can someone go - and then have the nerve to complain about the provider?

After 6 years with the company I have yet to NOT have a ticket responded to. Admittedly it is possible that the reply doesn't actually resolve the issue, but that's what the 'update' button is for. You refine the information so they can deal with whatever the issue may be.

As to the charges, lemme see . . . . you get a big discount and a free VoIP line as the welcome bonus in return for an upfront commitment to the company. They CLEARLY tell you that your service fees will be refunded in full if you cancel within 30 days - they also CLEARLY tell you that AFTER THE FIRST MONTH OF THE INITIAL TERM THEY WILL NOT ALLOW CANCELLATION.

So, the good news is that they do NOT enforce that contractual commitment if you decide to cancel after the trial period is passed, but will allow cancellation. And they charge you EXACTLY what you would have paid if you'd ordered the service for the 2, 3, 6 or however many months you would have paid them on a month-to-month basis.

And the subscriber is .. . . upset that he DIDN'T get the loyalty discount (consider that he didn't fulfill HIS obligation under the contract)? He is upset that he had to pay more than someone who actually honoured his obligation by which the deep discount was accorded?

Does he think he should pay less than someone who honestly subscribed on a month-to-month basis?

Of course he shouldn't - he was offered 30 free service days in which he could cancel without a penalty. He exceeded the term and the company graciously allowed him to cancel in spite of the fact that he had committed himself to stay for a year once the trial period passed . . .

This entire review system is full of crap because there is no common sense applied to the reviews. People abrogate their agreements, then claim that somehow they were wronged and it reflects badly on the provider.

So, a note to all - take many of these negative reviews with a boulder of salt because they aren't worth the disk space they are stored on.