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Bad "nightmare"
Overall "garbage"
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doesn't how many years consumer with them, when use wanna cancel the account, mightmare start. they took the 12 months service fee from your credit card, and if you cancel your account, doesn't how many months you use their service, you wont's get refund. their trick is give you dry loop fee refund. big amount internet service fee they never give you back. if EMAIL ask them, they email said already refund to you credit card weeks ago. such a bitch.( THEY ONLY EMAIL DEAL WITH Customer,phone line only for sales)

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How wrong can one person be?

It makes me wonder a the reliability of these reviews when I read this crap.

Acanac clearly states that the first year is a term commitment with a 30 day cancellation window - what that means is that you get a huge discount in return for guaranteeing that you'll stay for a year - they don't HAVE to refund your money if you stay longer than a month.

This is spelled out on their web site.

Having said that Acanac WILL refund the unused term if you aren't a boor about it, even if you cancel after the 30 day window has expired, though they will charge the higher shorter term amounts against the time you used and they do not refund activation costs in any case.

Based on what I see on the user forum refunds take about 6 weeks to process - that's within credit card company guidelines.

They wouldn't be in business for as long as they have or have as many clients as they do if they were THAT bad.