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Review by Uniformhawk See Profile

  • Location: York,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "DSL speeds, Unlimited"
Bad "Customer Service / Connection and Disconnection"
Overall "DSL service ok, but prepare for horrible customer service"
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Acanac has the worst customer service I've ever encountered with any company and they will unabashedly try to reduce any kind of refund they provide to you. I tell you this as a customer of over five years.

Among many problems I had with them included a move of my service from one address to another in which I gave them over three weeks advance warning and it took them over two weeks after my move to finally get the service up and running. (Nothing needed to be done other than flipping a switch as there was already Acanac service at both locations.) Then after my service was already up at the new address, a different department at Acanac had it disconnected for a few days so that they could "move the service over to my new address". Yes, it doesn't make sense, but that's what they did.

There are many other problems that I've had with them, but it would be overly tedious for me to get into it. Suffice to say there's a lot more where that came from.

When I suggested that they refund my moving fee for the fiasco, they actually had the gall to only offer me half (approximately 13$ back) instead of the whole amount.

I almost never make complaints to the Better Business Bureau, but Acanac deserves this special attention for the sheer horrible service they provide as well as their antagonistic approach to dealing with their customers.

They have several departments who do not speak to each other, resulting in a disjointed customer service experience in which the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.

The actual service (if you finally are able to get it going) is decent, but woe to anyone who needs to deal with them. You have been forwarned.

I've been a customer with them for years, and the only reason I keep their service is that I got them ten referrals and got free service as a result. If I had to pay at all for this service, I would end it immediately.

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Montreal, QC

Avoid Acanac at any cost.

Life is too short to waste time trying reach Acanac's poor customer service. Worst customer service experience in my life.
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Toronto, ON

Double Review?

Seems like the same review I already replied to.
Can you please post or IM the ticket # or #'s referencing your problem.