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Review by ke4pym See Profile

  • Location: Ellenboro,Rutherford,NC
  • Cost: $63 per month
Good "High speed, out in the sticks."
Bad "High prices for said speed."
Overall "If you've got no other choice...."
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10/2013 - Service is mostly solid. So long as a horse trailer doesn't take out a telephone pole.


12/2011 - Went to check the speed packages, 6/1 no longer offered. 12/1 is now offered. Dropped by the office and it was a buck a month cheaper!! Signed up, few hours later, pulling speed tests of 11.54 down, 0.95 up. Not bad.

Reliability is pretty solid. Very few outages this past year. A couple of the outages were no fault of the cable company (rather, stupid drivers taking down phone poles).

I've had the parents on this service for several years. They had the very basic 768/256 package. While it has been reliable overall, those speeds just aren't enough for today's web sites or multi-user/device house.

Upgraded them to a 6/1 package. $64/mo. Got home to see a 2.5/900 speed test. Gave national support a call. Eventually got pushed up to tier 2. They poked around, re-provisioned the modem and eventually put a call in to tier 3 that revealed a known issue.

Went to bed. Next morning, woke up to a 5/900 speed test. That's acceptable. Though, I'd rather see something closer to 5.7/950.

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Rutherfordton, NC


Yepp got itb2 weeks ago seen the ad in forest city. I'm surprised the way this area isbthat people are acutualty getting it besides just me
Charlotte, NC
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Re: nctv

While I was at the office, I did ask them about their DOCSIS3 upgrade plans. I was told they're working on it but it would probably be awhile before they were ready to roll it out to residential subscribers.

When I told them how long I've had D3 and the speeds I've had 50/5 and 30/5 they couldn't believe it. So, something to look forward too, I guess.