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Review by djdanska See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $39 per month
Good "7+ Mb/s down easy,"
Overall "if you don't leave town, it's great. If you travel, it SUCKS!"
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I have the hd2 with android, the dell mini 10, and the dell streak 7.

The HD2 is fairly slow in windows mobile 6.5. When booted into android, i get around 5-6.7 Mb/s down constantly. The wifi tethering works unblocked by using the apn. You can also use that apn to avoid being throttled. (The wap and epc apns are throttled). Great coverage with t-mobile and roaming coverage.

The dell mini 10 gets the same speeds but the reception on it is much better than the hd2 and dell streak 7. I can hold onto a signal a LOT longer and it very rarely goes into edge while in a 3g area.

The dell streak 7 gets even higher speeds than the other two devices i have. constant speeds and great pings. I get to tether by wifi or wired by using the same apn.

One big warning! NO ROAMING ON MOBILE BROADBAND!! Your stuck with the tiny t-mobile native network, even worse than prepaid coverage. Don't expect to even roam on t-mobile affiliate networks like i wireless either. (i wireless even has 3g now, but you'll never know with the dell streak or dell mini).

It completely blows my mind that i end up tethering with my hd2 while im on the train, which defeats the whole point of having mobile broadband built into the dell streak and dell mini. They really need to add roaming or make it available as an addon. I would gladly pay $10 more per month to be able to use my phone, as advertised. (lame..)

When i had sprint, i was allowed to roam. I was only allowed something like 500mb or something, but i would gladly accept that vs no coverage.

Check » for coverage on mobile broadband devices. If its listed as roaming, your not allowed to use it.

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