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Review by FLengineer See Profile

  • Location: Leesburg,Lake,FL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Easy website purchase"
Bad "Customer service sucks and LIES"
Overall "Don't trust what the CSRs tell you."
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(ratings well below consensus)

I am updating my review as I am about to cancel my T-Mobile service. Here's the whole story. I was NOT under contract for about 3 years prior to this month. I needed to upgrade one of my four phones so I wanted to go back to a contract plan. It took a full week on the phone with CS to get this to happen because of "system problems". Finnally when it was done I waited almost 2 weeks and they never even shipped the new phone so I asked to be returned to my no-contract plan and cancel the order. I was told I can't. So I filed a complaint with the FCC. Magically they decided I could go back to my no-contract plan. then a week later I got the freaking phone in the mail!!!! So I called back and told them I am leaving tmo because of all the problems. They offered me the phone for free and a second just like it for free if I entered a two year contract. I accepted. Now two weeks later I still have not gotten the second phone and they have not ordered it claiming "it's not available" I checked the website and the phone is on there to order. Well I just got a call about the FCC complaint and they said because of all the problems I can return the phone and they will cancel my account with no termination fees. Oh My God so absolutely nothing for fighting with them for a month, bottom line is they are saying. We messed up so you can go now.

DO NOT subscribe to T-Mobile.

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