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  • Location: Evanston,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $125 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Excellent Coverage where I live and most of the time while i travel"
Bad "US is not a GSM friendly country, so that hurts coverage"
Overall "don't plan on using it in the sticks"
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update --- 6/2011
In Stanford, California for a conference and wifi tether with T-Mobile 4G works amazing!!!

--------old review--------

Ok, I live in Suburban Chicago. I connect via a T-Mobile G2. I get HSPA+ most of the time. if not that then it reverts to EDGE. 95-99% reliable outside. about 75% reliability indoors. I have an unlimited data plan with 400 sms/mms messages. 600 minutes Family Plan for voice.

I go through about 2-3gb per month in data and thats mostly just on the handset. it can be even more if i tether.

very straightforward ordering process, i walked in told them what I wanted and they explained everything pretty throughly for me. anytime I have had a problem customer support is very helpful in getting it solved.

My family is from rural Iowa so I lose service when traveling to see them occasionally. it will go from 0 bars to 1 bar but I'm fine with that b/c I get to visit more and I don't talk on the phone hardly as it is.

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