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Six Month Rating

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Review by mahermusic See Profile

  • Location: U.S.A.
  • Cost: $29 per month
Good "Never a dropped call, GREAT customer service, call quality"
Bad "None that I can think of"
Overall "T-Mobile represents the BEST in cellphone plans, PERIOD!"
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Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

I've had T-Mobile as my only cellphone provider since I first subscribed on July 27, 2000. Actually, it wasn't T-Mobile then, it was VoiceStream (remember them?), and my sim card, which is my original one, actually says VoiceStream! I've never had a dropped call on T-Mobile. Been able to talk in buildings (where others had to press up against a window or go outside), call quality has always been superior since day one, and 4G has been fantastic. (Everywhere I have traveled, T-Mobile has had a 4G network up and running. My wife and I are each grandfathered in on the old T-Mobile Nationwide Talk & Text. It includes 300 anytime minutes, 300 text messages, 30 picture messages, free T-Zones internet and free weekends for $29.99. If we ever change plans, we can never get our plans back, so we don't intend on moving away from the plans we've had over the past decade! All-in-all, we'll never leave T-Mobile. No other cell provider comes close!

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