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Six Month Rating

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Review by kataan See Profile

  • Location: Greenacres,Spokane,WA
  • Cost: $199 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Connection for voice and sms great."
Bad "Data speeds SUCK. In 4G area never see more the EDGE speeds."
Overall "Prices creeping up and costumer service going down."
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My Other Reviews

I have been a costumer of T-mobile for over ten years. In fact they were still Voice Stream. I have been happy for most of that time. They have had their ups and downs. They have always had good planes and services to go with them, and of course let you switch between them.

However, about six months ago this started to change I am only allowed to change my plane to either the lowest or highest plan they have, and the services such a sms and data I am only allowed to be on the highest possible plan or outright cancel and pay the ETF. The ETF are no longer prorated either. The CSR are no longer nice as they once were. They just want you off the phone.

My data speed is ridicules I am well within a "4G" and have a "4G" phone. I have yet to ever pick up 4G hat my house or 2 miles of it. I must go downtown. So either the map is way off or they are lying about where they actually have 4G, and this is what I am forced to pay for, substandard EDGE.

I am sick of the consent rate increases. Even though I am in a contract until 10/10/12. T-mobile has turned them self's in to AT&T long before the merger or it is even approved. I just want my nice company back that treats customers like humans and has decent plans!

If, this contentious I will be gone come 10/10/12 and won't look back


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