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Review by ConstantineM See Profile

  • Location: San Jose,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (24 month contract)
Good "excellent coverage at home where AT&T and Verizon couldn't really deliver; faster upload than AT&T U-verse FTTP fibre"
Bad "Andoird 2.2 has very poor interface and power management; promised OTA update to 2.3 is missing"
Overall "Great prices and the best deal in the country for best spec'ed Android phones with no-overage internet"
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I ordered myTouch 4G from the official t-mobile.com web-site during a promotion in July 2011, where the phone was free and they weren't even charging any California tax on the free phone, which is normally charged to CA consumers. This phone regularly retails for a three-digit sum even with the contract and even after mail-in rebates. This phone has the absolute best hardware that was available at the time: 1GHz CPU, 768MB RAM, 4GB ROM, 8GB microSD. Note that even dual-core phones at the time still had 512MB of RAM, and IMNSHO, having enough RAM is much more important than an extra core. If you're getting a new free phone with T-Mo, ensure with reliable sources that it has at least 768MB.

I got the cheapest plan that includes unlimited internet, unlimited WiFi calling and 200MB of 4G speeds. 49 dollars prior to tax. Free premium-spec'ed phone included. Keep in mind that the old 200MB 4G plan with unlimited 2G is no longer offered as of September 2011, so you'd have to get the 2GB plan for 10 dollars extra, but that's still a very good deal.

The deal is really awesome, and the stock firmware on the phone is even stupid enough to allow the Hotspot feature to function fully and without the customer paying a dime extra for Hotspot, so it's easy to use other devices next to mT4G, if you really hate Android at times. I thus regularly tether iOS through Android, and it works pretty great (other than the battery life on Android, of course, but, surprisingly, since the overall power and resource management is quite bad, tethering doesn't actually have that great an affect on the battery life).

I would highly recommend getting a great deal with T-Mobile if coverage in your area is known to be pretty good. All those accusations that AT&T is coming are groundless; even if it's coming, you have nothing to lose by getting a free phone with a 2-year contract. Regulators would not allow your service to drop significantly within a few years from the merger anyways, and afterwards, you can just sign up to whatever other next big thing is, number portability and Google Voice are there to help you make seamless transitions. AT&T will never be allowed to jam up prices within your existing T-Mobile contract term (and if they'll somehow will, they'll have to allow you to get out, and keep your free phone for free, so it's a win-win in any case).


I rated "Services" at 4* due to T-Mobile MSG Block not working as it should: if you block incoming messages, your incoming SMS messages will still be accepted by T-Mobile, the sender will never receive any error, and the message will just be discarded. I'll gladly change the rating back to 5* if they fix this. Still the best value for money.

Another concern is that mT4G is supposed to be upgradeable from 2.2 to 2.3 over-the-air, yet I still haven't received the upgrade. There is no official way to upgrade the phone from home.

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