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Review by chgo_man99 See Profile

  • Location: Bloomingdale,Du Page,IL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Offers prepaid, cheaper than att/vzw, achieves decent speed"
Bad "webconnect dashboard software for mac buggy, high latency, weak signal in chicago suburbs"
Overall "good value for your money but nothing comes close to postpaid plans"

I used T-Mobile webconnect jet 2.0 that can access hspa+ up to max theoretical 21 mb. T-Mobile launched faster 42 mb hspa+ but the jet 2.0 modem does not support it.

Speed were decent, I averaged 5mb, at peak times close to 10 mb per second download. I averaged 1-2 mb upload. Latency was great but not too great at 100mb-150ms but I used the service primarily inside building.

My only complain is I only got around 40-60% strength in my area, even outside which might have degraded my experience. While transfer speed was usually fairly good, the response time varied.

Bottom line, its good value for your money, definitely better than vzw or att if you intend to use prepaid. However LTE technology offered by VZW and AT&T beats older HSPA technology.

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