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Review by buddahbless See Profile

  • Location: Premium
  • Cost: $66 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Flat rate prepaid @ $66 per mth for 2 lines, can use any TMO/gsm/unlocked phone"
Bad "coverage is still A little lackluster but good 4G speeds now"
Overall "For the price and the locations I frequent it works for me..."
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UPdate: 11/11/14

Well here it is 2.5 yrs later and Im still on Tmobile I have to say they are definitely giving me the best bang for my buck, Currently I'm with the business plans under a larger company. At first I was a bit hesitant but found out if I ever have an issue I call Tmobile directly and they take care of the situation.

SO current I jumped in on the unlimited talk, txt and 2.5 GB of LTE data on each line With tethering Inc. so with 2 lines that comes out to $66 per month inc tax I cant beat that. My LTE speeds are rater impressive, even in some small cities such as Ocala FL where I snowbird I pull 39 mbps down and 10 mbps up on average. However the major highway access outside of major metros is still lackluster in spots ( i75, i4 & i95, FL turnpike). However with the new music freedom option that really is not so much of a problem even in some areas that drops to 2G the service streams pretty good ( for pandora anyway not so much for slacker).

I at one time considered Sprint as there offer is $60 for unlimited everything even high speed data for one line, as I own a unlocked Nexus 5 I could use there service with it, however before I jumped ship I was also interested in the TMO $80 plan for myself as it is Identical to the Sprint $60 plan, I'm at the edge of the ship ready to jump but then I read the fine print, WAIT the devil is in the details!

With TMO in there $80 plan it include tethering (hotspot) UP TO 5 GB of it, Sprints plan did not offer that. As Im on the road a lot and tether my laptop I need this function as Im not willing to carry or pay for a second device just to do what my nexus 5 can do freely. Upon checking with sprint to just use 6GB of there unlimited there giving me in there $60 plan I would need to pony up and extra $50. Wait What? Yes so even though Sprint is advertising all over how there $60 plan is more affordable compared to TMOs $80 plan, to have ALL the same features ( tethering included) it would cost me $110 on Sprint per month VS TMOs $80. In the end I ran across The Harbor site that gave me 2.5 GB inc Tether. So I when I to look at my usage in the winter months Im usually around 2GB of tether now per month as I travel a lot less. I can always upgrade my line come spring if needed.

But in the end T-Mobile won my business again.. Now if they could just ether acquire some rural roaming or get in good on the upcoming 600 mhz auction and expand that into rural areas I would be a totally happy camper.

Original post....

Well I've had a hate love relationship with cell phone carriers for as while ( from the time they started number porting) from sprint , to virgin, ATT and verizon to name a few. The last 1 yr Ive pretty much been on Tmobile prepaid for the $50 and $60 unlimited plan. It works for me, while I'm on contract work I purchase the $60 plan for that month as I'll need a lot of data while Im on the go and times when Im Off I'll drop my rate to the $50 plan. The one main positive is I can use any Tmobile phone I want on there prepaid plan, CAN'T do that with Verizon, ATT, or Sprint. I have A G2X and I use it to wireless tether my laptop and media player to the Internet and it works great, As a matter of fact Im using it right now writing this review while typing on my HP elite book. Over all for the price against the big three its the best bang for your buck when it comes to flexibility. However against Spring and there MNVOs when Tmobile throttles you you might as well say good buy to all the fun stuff your use to. the only thing its good for afterwards is just basic web surfing...

I notice no matter if you have the $50, 60, or 70 plan after you get throttled you will not download anything faster than 90-118 kbps and the average I get is around 79 kbps in places around Florida. and your upload will vary between 110 and 180 kbps. So yes you will actually get a faster upload than download once throttled. thats a big difference from what the normal 4G speed now is, around 10mbps (or 10,000 kbps). Dropping from 10,000 to less than 100. as you know is a big change!

Also surely enough using and android phone with many apps updating can take forever once the throttle is put in place. Also one month I downgraded to the $50 plan I decided to let the phone do a google/ android app update and it ate through over 1/2 of the 100mb at 4G in just an hour with just the updates alone. so the phone really becomes just a basic web surfing phone with a pretty screen after day one. Just a word to the wise.. Id prefer truly unlimited 3G web on my phone vs. the threshold then throttled 4g that t mobile is currently offering.

Over all a good fair price and great for those who want to use a high end phone if if its only just for show.


recently moved services to Walmart Family mobile for a test run as of Feb 2012 and I couldn't pass up the limited time offer of unlimited 3G web with talk and txt, and I must say Im happier but not satisfied. well it does take a lot to please me. But lets start off with the fact that walmart mobile is simply just T-mobile postpaid without a contract. OK pros and cons...

. Lets start off with the fact that Walmart sells there service as unlimited T,T,& 3G web for $45. however you have to add taxes to that $45 becomes $50 after taxes and fees.

. You can only pay through Walmart and you must pay your bill on-time or there is a $5 fee.

. There unlimited talk and text is just that it it covers all of Tmo's network and some of there roaming partners but there unlimited 3G web is far from 3G

. T-mobile real 3G on my phone which is a 4G phone usually tops out around 5mbps on walmart mobile the highest Ive ever hit was 1.1 mbps. and this is coming from the same tower that before I switched I was receiving 9.2mbps on Tmo's 4g plan

.So that proves the Walmart service is being throttled and full 3G is NOT available.

. However the 5GB of data threshold is a LOT more gracious than Tmo's 100mbs for $50.

.Even at 1.1 mbps you still have enough throughput to tether any devices you have and be able to stream pandora, youtube, etc with no problem something that is impossible to do once Tmo throttles you after your 100mbs.

.You dont need a walmart mobile phone just a sim as you can use almost any T-mobile phone, with a few exceptions.

. In comparison to An offer from a company called simple mobile with walmart mobile you get more bang for your buck Simple's unlimited 3G plan actually only gets up to 256mbps.

.With Walmarts Plan you can add lines and save $10 per line something you CAN'T do with Tmo's own prepaid or simple mobiles plans.

. Im paying $50 for what TMO charges you for $70 a month for high speed internet access of 5GB. Im saving $240 a year and thats the real big picture.

So in conclusion Im happier however not still fully satisfied. if they would allow you to get your full 3G I'd rate it 8 out of 10. I have yet to deal with a customer support issue so that my mean +1/-1 in the grading scale.


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