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Review by sk1939 See Profile

  • Location: Laurel,Prince Georges,MD
  • Cost: $110 per month
Good "Cheap, decent 4G speeds, good coverage area."
Bad "Does not work in tunnels, some rural areas, metro/train stations."
Overall "Decent cost/benefit for Voice and Data"
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My Other Reviews

·Verizon FiOS
I first got T Mobile way back before Cingular merged with AT&T to form AT&T Wireless. At the time I was using AT&T prepaid, but somehow during the transition with Cingular (around 2005), I not only lost service, but lost my entire account as well. Still needing a cell phone I signed up with T-Mobile which included 300 minutes for what was a relatively reasonable $25 a month (never used all of them). A few years later, around 2007, I moved to a family plan that I have been happy with, and added data and text to a single line for a few dollars more a month. All in all, 3 lines with text ($5 for 500 messages) and 200MB ($15) on one line for $100 a month is doing pretty well I would say, and using unlocked phones exclusively has lead to the benefit of not being locked into a contract as well (once the initial two years were up).

Update 1/10/12: T Mobile updated my SIM card to a "4G" sim (I had the original EDGE SIM), but I still get a 2G signal in northern PA while AT&T has at least 3G. That being said, signal in the DC area is 4G HSPA and speedy on the Galaxy Nexus. I also get a signal in oddball places, for example I get a strong signal in Romeoville, Illinois, and along I-80 in Indiana and Ohio, but not up toward Corning, NY.

Monthly Charges: $84.97
Use Charges: $0.80
Other Charges: $4.87
Taxes and Fees: $11.30

Update 10/15/12: Coverage varies wildly depending on geographic location. I get 4G speeds in the DC and Bay Area, but once you get out towards Rochester, NY or the Philidelpia/Allentown area you are lucky if you get 3G speeds, for the most part it's 2G if you get a signal at all. However the signal issue is only a problem if your inside of a building.

Update 5/31/13: I have found that a year later I still have the same service quality in most all areas. This means that I get 3G or HSPA/4G in major metropolitan areas like Washington, DC, Syracuse, NY, and Naperville, Ill, but 2G or no coverage in Ithaca, NY, Williamsport, PA, and most anywhere that isn't a major population center.

Monthly Charges: $84.97
Use Charges: $0.60
Other Charges: $4.83
Taxes and Fees: $11.15
Total New Charges: 101.55

Update 12/20/13

With my plan I get the Unlimited International Web, and Unlimited International Text for free, with calls costing $.20 a min. While the mobile web is slow (high speed costs more) it is plenty fast for basic apps such as Google Translate, Maps, and email. If your hoping to update your Facebook, upload pictures, or stream music you would want to buy the highspeed data option.

Update 8/11/14

I've since changed my plan to 1GB of data for all lines (4 lines total), unlimited talk, unlimited text, and International data & text for $110 a month.

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Apache Junction, AZ

$30 Unlimited Data?

Have you noticed they are selling a plan with Unlimited Data and Text for just $30/mo no contract at Walmart? Only 100 minutes though. The plan with Unlimited Data, Voice and Text is $50. Not sure how you get it exactly, looks like buying a new phone is required.
Mclean, VA

Re: $30 Unlimited Data?

I hadn't noticed actually. However, I do have 3 lines on this plan, two of which are still under contract.

Pompano Beach, FL
·T-Mobile US
I'm currently using the 5GB-4G .. over 2G unlimited messaging, $30 Walmart plan. And yes, I did purchase a Samsung exhibit II 4g from a local Walmart store for $199.

And if you charge up your account with a few extra $, extra minutes over 100 a month are $0.10 per minute.

All in all .. it's a good deal..