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Review by sk1939 See Profile

  • Location: Laurel,Prince Georges,MD
  • Cost: $110 per month
Good "Cheap, decent 4G speeds, good coverage area."
Bad "Does not work in tunnels, some rural areas, metro/train stations."
Overall "Decent cost/benefit for Voice and Data"
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I first got T Mobile way back before Cingular merged with AT&T to form AT&T Wireless. At the time I was using AT&T prepaid, but somehow during the transition with Cingular (around 2005), I not only lost service, but lost my entire account as well. Still needing a cell phone I signed up with T-Mobile which included 300 minutes for what was a relatively reasonable $25 a month (never used all of them). A few years later, around 2007, I moved to a family plan that I have been happy with, and added data and text to a single line for a few dollars more a month. All in all, 3 lines with text ($5 for 500 messages) and 200MB ($15) on one line for

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