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Review by Doug5 See Profile

  • Location: San Diego,San Diego,CA
  • Cost: $85 per month (month by month)
Good "No contract"
Bad "Not unlimited as described. Throttling. Poor customer service. Treated as second class citizen"
Overall "Should be, could be, but Ain't no good. Still hoping government will step in and fix this mess"
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Install process:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

I bought the galaxy nexus from Google and thought I'd be able to make to a "pay as you go" phone. But AT&T wanted $1000 deposit to get started and T-Mobile is useless after 5Gb used (2-3 days of watching Hulu Plus and listening to Pandora). The limiting should be unlawful, as they imply you can still use it at reduced speeds, however the with the reduced speed and 2-3 second latency, it is truly unusable. They also seem to be "sensing" what you are using it for and shutting you down if you use Hulu. When I called, they said that I used 2Gb (of my 5GB allowed per month) and that is not normal. Who are they to tell me what is normal?

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netbus developer
Brighton, MA

did you not read the fine print?

everything you are complaining about it covered in the fine print and could have been explained to you by a rep before you bought the service. It isn't T-Mobiles fault if you didn't understand what you were buying.

Avondale, AZ

It still works.

Got to read the fine print. T-mobile doesn't cut you off. It's just become s l o w.

"Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem. " Thank you Ronald Reagan

Pompano Beach, FL

60 kbit/sec after 5GB..

That's all you'll get.. (on the $30/m walmart plan)

the service isn't designed for more than one or two hours of vid's per month..

Apache Junction, AZ

Easy to fix.

I don't know why you are paying $85 or how you can pay that much but if you just buy one of the cheap phones at Walmart with the $30/mo unlimited data plan then put the new SIM in your phone you'll be all set and you can stop whining.


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As always ..buyer beware.

Doug you had a good idea but bad implementation.

As always buyer beware hold true on everything you purchase and intend to use personally with or without a contract. First good idea was to purchase your phone outright to not be locked into a contract, bad idea you obviously did not due your due diligence research into the various cellular companies on what offer would be available for you and what the limitations were. Easily attained As you pointed out the sticker shock price ATT quoted you to start up. which was for An ATT post paid plan.

If you did your due diligence you would notice that ATT prepaid offers you the ability to bring your own GSM phone however they wont allow you to use smartphones on there prepaid plan unless you sign up for the data package which is $15 per GB on top of the $50 monthly rate. so If you wanted the same 5GB Prepaid with ATT that your paying TMO $85, ATT would cost you $125 per mth then $15 per GB over the 5GB unlike being throttled with NO overage on TMO. Sprint and Verizon don't even allow you to bring your own phone onto there prepaid, Right now you have the best offer available if 16% is what you would rate TMO then by your standards ATT , Verizon, sprint should be in the negatives.

I will agree the throttle is quite low but you get what you pay for, and sometimes you dont. A bump in TMO throttle to 256-384 kbps would probably suit most people, you could view emails and do app updates in a short window, stream pandora with no issues, use google maps, and even watch low quality youtube videos, however HULU is and will be out of the question. Even going to any of the other MVNO will yield the same results all have a throttle in place the question is when they throttle.

So again Buyer beware, due your "due diligence" before purchasing or signing up for anything. Also its not unusable as I typed this on my laptop, read all the post, and replied while being throttled and using my phone for its hotspot feature (free with TMO), So yes its almost as slow as dial up but not unusable.