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Six Month Rating

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Review by djcrazy See Profile

  • Location: Minneapolis,Hennepin,MN
  • Cost: $86 per month
Good "Very reliable, Unlimited 4G high speed data, unlimites talk, text. Great signal"
Bad "Phone selection a bit limited but improving"
Overall "Truly the best bang for the buck"
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My Other Reviews

Paid for my Samsung Galaxy S 3 outright so I get a reduced rate on service of about $15 a month. Services are the Value plan with unlimited talk, text and web for $49.99, $20 more for UNLIMITED 4G high speed data, and $7.99 for handset protection per moth plus taxes, fees, etc.

The call quality and clarity are second to none. I have not had any dropped calls on my end since I started the service in August of 2112. The 4G data is fast and reliable. ALL much better than Verizon ever was for me. I use it to stream music from the web both in my car and at work hooked up to a stereo and never have a problem with it.

Highly recommended!

UPDATE ( August 5 2013): Got the Galaxy S4 on Saturday which has the LTE capability and I must say WOW! Saw a top speed of over 37 Mbps and upload at 20. That upload is faster than what I get on my Comcast Blast ( 50/10) wire line at home. Sweet!

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