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Review by ke4pym See Profile

  • Location: Charlotte,Mecklenburg,NC
  • Cost: $60 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Service works well."
Bad "None"
Overall "If you've got the coin to blow, it's worth it!"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

10/13 - No longer subscribe to this service directly. Got a Galaxy S4 with unlimited data and spent the extra $30/mo to tether via WiFi. That service works great. Ended up saving about $35/mo.


12/11 - Started noticing stability issues with my KPC-680. Wouldn't keep a connection or would revert to 1x and stay there. Called VZW to get help. They sent a new card. New card wouldn't fit into my laptop (it was the correct size, but still to big to slide in and out of the card slot).

They sent another card. And as they were, I noticed the 1st new card was doing the same thing (staying in 1x, unstable, etc). It dawned on me that I'd never forced the card into EVDO only mode like I had on my old laptop. So, I ended up sending back both "new" cards and keeping the KPC680 with it forced in EVDO mode. Since then, no issues and even managed to pull down a 2.1Mbps speed test!

Still wish it was cheaper. Really getting tired of dropping $60 a month on this thing. Would use my Thunderbolt and save $30/mo, but it does not have a stable 4G (or 3G) connection where I use it most.


1/11 - Still truckin'. No issues. Speeds are fine. Wish their LTE service had an unlimited data option. I'd upgrade to that.

4/10 - No issues since the last update. Card is performing very well. Was in Myrtle Beach, SC in January and recorded a 2.5Mbps download speed test! Get around 1-1.5Mbps at work where I normally use the card. On occasion the connection will drop. And the only way to get it back is to reboot Windows 7. It happens maybe 2 times every 6 months. Annoying. But not enough to research and fix.

12/27/09 - Got a new laptop in June of 09. Switched over to the RevA card they gave me some time back (KPC680). Service has been flawless. 1.4Mb/sec down, 800Kb/sec up is my best speed test. My account is due for renewal at any time now. I'm going to hold out until Q2 2010 in hopes that big red will release a 3G/4G card.

1/09 - Service at work (where I mainly use this device) had some issues awhile back when Verizon moved their tower from a building to a stand alone tower. Tech support wasn't very helpful but I finally got to some folks that knew a thing or two. Still using a Rev0 card since I've not upgraded my laptop to use the RevA card they gave me this year. Service works fine and the issues at work seem to have magically disappeared.

My bill still says "Unlimited KB per month". But I only download around 500MB a month. Too lazy to test them on their 5GB quota.


3/30 - Noticed my bill had gone up $0.60 this month. I called in to inquire why my bill had gone up (I never use my minutes, roam, call LD or go over my data plan). The person I spoke with said that the administrative fee had gone up $0.30 for both the data and voice lines. I told her I was going to review my customer agreement because when I bought the plans I agreed that my rate would not change for 2 years. She agreed and said that she would credit my account every month for the remainder of my contract for the said $0.60! Now that's service.

Also, sometime back in February my data card decided that it no longer wanted to maintain a stable connection. Called them up on a Friday afternoon and had my new card on Monday morning. Took 1 10 minute call to get the new card up and running.

12/1 - recently, I grabbed Dr TCP and modified my laptop's RWin settings. Speed is now running around 1.3Mbps down and 130kbps up. Latency is still a little high - average to www.yahoo.com was 208ms. Not too bad for surfing or telnet applications. Still worth the coin to me. Wish I used my cell phone as much as I use this card.

The one complaint I have is the connection reliability during rain/thunderstorms. The card has a lot of trouble staying connected. I've got 4 bars of signal and it will still drop quite a bit in nasty weather. I quit using the VZN Manager software once tech support told me how to configure DUN to make the connection. VPN issues are gone now that I use a Juniper client instead of a Checkpoint client. The Juniper dealie is a ActiveX plugin for Internet Explorer and seems to work very well. Every time the card has connection issues I call up tech support and complain.

I use this card 99.8% of the time at work. I've used it at home twice. I am too far away from the tower for the card to work with any speed. If my primary internet connection failed and I just HAD to get to the internet it'd be ok.


So I came into the early 90's by getting a cell phone. Actually, I was more interested in the wireless internet than the cell phone. Service, without voice is about $100 a month. I figure I'm getting the cell phone for free in this case.

I started with the free 5740 something card. It worked, but not so well. No external antenna on it. Did manage to get a 700/200ish connection standing next to a tower. I took the card back before my 15 days were up and ordered the Kyocera 650 card. It has an external antenna as well as antenna ports. Took them a week to get me the new card (even though after a delay and screw up of the order and a reorder via over night).

This new card works much better at my home. I'm sure it should prove to work as well as if not better at work (were aforementioned cell tower lives). Got 400/100 at the house on 2 bars.

Hope I like this service to keep paying $60/mo for 2 years. And that I don't go over my "unlimited" 10GB/month allotment of bandwidth.

Paid $19.99 for the card using my work's discount plan. So far, it's worth the 20 bucks.

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