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Review by NYGiants See Profile

  • Location: Bowling Green,Caroline,VA
  • Cost: $72 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "portable, if LTE is in area go for it"
Bad "5 GB cap, can't check data usage"
Overall "faster than dial-up, more reliable than sattelite"
Pre Sales Information:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:

- Novatel 4620L
- Joined in August 2012
-Connection can stay steady for hours at a time
- Subpar signal on 4G but get lucky to get over 2 bars (highest RSSI is 42% which equals 2 bars)
- Youtube usage has to be low but works fine
- 5Gigs is too low for 72 $ a month
- Ping times are average to good (depends on network, read speed tests Ev-Do vs LTE
- YAY no more DIALUP!!!!!!!!!!


Update 9-30

- No connection issues, feels fast still (not EXTREMELY fast, but more like quick)
- almost no late day latency issues
- no changes to ratings

I searched google for locking the 4620L on LTE and it is not possible. But if this can hold up, I can brag about actual broadband to the most rural county in central Virginia, Caroline.
Latest bill that we went over cap was 90 dollars but was only a one time thing and am not adding that to the monthly cost info above.

Update 11/14/12


»speedtest.net/result/2308004811. ··· 4811.png
»speedtest.net/result/2308011681. ··· 1681.png
»speedtest.net/result/2298498781. ··· 8781.png
»speedtest.net/result/2298500982. ··· 0982.png
»speedtest.net/result/2298503792. ··· 3792.png
»speedtest.net/result/2298509515. ··· 9515.png
»speedtest.net/result/2324804014. ··· 4014.png

3G EVDO Tests
»speedtest.net/result/2217104592. ··· 4592.png
»speedtest.net/result/2217108764. ··· 8764.png
»speedtest.net/result/2217111126. ··· 1126.png
»speedtest.net/result/2217114345. ··· 4345.png
»speedtest.net/result/2217117281. ··· 7281.png
»speedtest.net/result/2217119989. ··· 9989.png
»speedtest.net/result/2217126066. ··· 6066.png
»speedtest.net/result/2226621729. ··· 1729.png
»speedtest.net/result/2226630317. ··· 0317.png
»speedtest.net/result/2226634400. ··· 4400.png
»speedtest.net/result/2226640570. ··· 0570.png
»speedtest.net/result/2228420318. ··· 0318.png
»speedtest.net/result/2228422121. ··· 2121.png
»speedtest.net/result/2228429128. ··· 9128.png
»speedtest.net/result/2324807347. ··· 7347.png

Update 11/30/12

-Updated firmware, shows signal strength in percent, shows MDN

Update 12/1/12
- Traveled to Richmond and Fredericksburg (VA) and almost never lost LTE signal, all surrounding counties and mine are part of LTE.

Update 1/3/13
- It will always connect to LTE if in window (5 ft from computer), but the caps are now a problem due to fast speeds (faster speed=faster to the cap)
-Latency is now not a issue at all
4GLTE Speedtests
»speedtest.net/result/2411786080. ··· 6080.png
»speedtest.net/result/2411790944. ··· 0944.png

Update 1/22/13

What other Options did you consider for broadband?
We already knew Hughes is a worthless piece of trash but Wildblue was close to being our next provider until we all read the reviews.

What SPEED/package did you order, at what monthly cost?
We bought a LTE modem with 5GB of data which cost 59 dollars a month.

How was the order & install process?
My aunt bought the modem and wifi stick from our local verizon store, just had to bring it home turn on and connect.

What brand/model was the supplied equipment?
The mifi device was a Novatel 4620L with LTE support.

What good or bad experiences most struck you?
ummmmmmmmmmm....... coverage and mobility, VA is a well covered state (Tmobile is horrid 2G, ATT is covered, Verizon is LTE, and Sprint is decent)

Update 2/24/13

-Now i can lock the connection to whatever i want, the only flaw is the low 5gb cap

Update 4/14/13

-still good but new firmware does not check data usage for some reason

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updated 1.9 years ago


Stillwater, OK

An antenna may help

If you get 1 bar of 4G, then there's a very good chance that you could get a solid signal by using a directional external antenna. I was in your same situation, and an external antenna made a night-and-day difference for me.

I purchased a Wilson panel antenna for around $70.

Alternatively, if you're interested in building your own LTE antenna, see »bcbj.org/antennae/lte_yagi_diy.h ··· _diy.htm




If people sign up for this crap, youll never see FiOS. LOL

Salinas, CA

Re: Junk

FiOS - right that makes sense. I cannot even get DSL from my local telco thato is AT&T. The phone companies have fewer headaches and make a lot more money from 4G. Even better, Verizon and AT&T are doing a different 4G implementation so not only do you have to buy a telco specific smart phone, iPad, or modem, you also have to buy a telco specific RF booster.

Fiber is being put in the ground to service dense concentrations of users and towers (backbone to internet). If you live in a rural area the odds of getting fiber are on par with getting high speed train service in the USA - i.e. zilch.



Re: Junk

Ah, I incorrectly assumed you were in a local Verizon area. I will reword my statement.

If people sign up for this crap, youll never see Uverse. LOL


united state

lock in 4g mode

"I searched google for locking the 4620L on LTE and it is not possible."

It's possible on my 4620L. I have mine locked into 3G mode and see the option for "4G only" as well. No 4G here yet though.

Log into the mifi admin page (» if you haven't changed the IP. Go to the Network Tab > WWAN sub tab > scroll down til you see the WWAN Preferred Mode option > select "4g only".

united state

Re: lock in 4g mode

thank you but i have found that now im going to lock it to 3g so it doesnt blast thru our cap, now i can change it to whatever the heck i want 1x,3g, hspa, LTe