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  • Location: Juana Diaz,Juana Diaz,PR
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Rock solid connection - very rarely goes down"
Bad "Pricey compared to cable Internet"
Overall "Best value if reliability is more important than speed"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

·Choice Cable TV
[Note: This ISP is now called Claro Internet and they offer several options including DSL and fiber to the home in select areas. This review was for the DSL service and things have changed since then. Oct-3-2013]

I have been with this company since 2003 so ratings about install coordination and days from order does not necessarily reflect current service level.

The one thing this company has is rock solid service. While speed is not the best available and it slows down at times, generally the speed is very stable. Latencies are good enough. You could request that your line be put in "fast path" to shave some 60ms from your latencies but I don't know if they do this at present. The system uses PPPoA and you just need to plug the ethernet cable to the router provided by the company and that's it. They offer wireless routers for all but the lowest tier of service.

The other broadband alternative in this area is Choice Cable TV and currently offer faster speeds for lower prices but they are not nearly as reliable. If reliability is more important then cable is not the option.

Your mileage may vary of course! If your phone service is good and your line is clean, expect very reliable DSL. If your line is in bad condition and you get static or noise, don't expect a stable connection.

UPDATE - March 10, 2010

Things have changed since this review. While the level of service of this company remains as good as before, the competition where I live (Choice Cable TV) is offering much faster speeds for better prices, such as 6 Mbps for $41.95, same price that this company STILL offers 1 Mbps.

UPDATE 2 - Sept 1, 2010

The competition increased speeds again. Lowest tier is 6 Mbps for 25.95. Old 6 Mbps tier is now 10 Mbps for $43.95 and top tier goes to 20 Mbps.

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