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Review by bobjohnson See Profile

  • Location: Titusville,Brevard,FL
  • Cost: $59 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "As good and reliable as you can get..."
Bad "Fla thunderstorms slow it down"
Overall "Good value for mobile broadband"
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I almost went with Cingular Wireless until the store rep couldn't get it to work in the store... I originally had the phone as a modem plan and used bluetooth to my laptop but Sprint sent me an advertisement that they would give me a wireless card for free and a router for 39.99 so I took it... I ordered the service throught B2B sales with the offer number from the ad. They billed everything to me (no upfront cost) and guaranteed me next day shipping which they held up, i got it the next day at like 11 a.m. They sent me a Novatel Merlin EX720, the Sprint Portable Router and the expresscard adapter for a grand total of about $55. Everything has been good so far and everything functions as advertised and I have no problem with coverage in this area.. So it's all good...

Update 2-10-2012

I have had Sprint service with a bunch of different devices over the years but I have settled on the motorola photon 4g. This phone is the definition of awesome and I really enjoy it more than anything else i've had and would recommend it to anyone. When I went to the Bahamas I bought a BTC Sim card and put it in, switched to gsm only and didn't have to pay the $3 per minute for Sprint roaming. I didn't have to call in or unlock it or anything. Anyhow, because of the aforementioned motorola I have signed a new contract with Sprint after not having one for 3 years on an old Nationwide Plan. The new plans are way better also. Almost unlimited phone mins (1500 shared with unlimited any mobile) and unltd text and data w/ me and the wife for 149.99 with the androids. About $50 cheaper than verizon for the same thing almost... The coverage around here has stayed the same for the past 10 years, but that's not really a bad thing bc it's not too bad. Now in this area in our little roaming pockets we are roaming on Metro PCS which I don't like too much but at least it's included in the plans. In the areas with good service though, the call quality, data quality/speed and overall reliability has gotten way better in the past year or so. Got the 5gb hotspot plan for $30 for internet instead of the usb dongle for $60 that I had. I don't use but about 1 gig a month so it's a good deal for me. Overall it's a good service for the money and in this area the only thing comparable is T-mobile and they are nowhere near as good. I would recommend Sprint to anyone.

Update 11-1-12

Bought the SGS3 but got rid of the hotspot plan because no LTE. Now tethering with my T-Mobile business phone instead. Network vision is not really in effect here yet but a couple of towers in the area have been updated and the difference in 3g speeds are night and day from old setup. Same with voice quality (Way better in certain places). Seems like they are on the right path but this has certainly been a long ride for those of us who have stuck around.

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