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Review by Donut See Profile

  • Location: Romulus,Wayne,MI
  • Cost: $60 per month (24 month contract)
Good "i have internets in the palm of my hand"
Bad "slower than my comcast connection, *2 sucks at their job."
Overall "Great Service When it works"
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Install process:
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·Comcast Digital ..
I have a samsung moment. This is not the best phone and I wouldn't suggest it to any one. But web wise this connection is not bad, it reminds me of when we first got broadband at the house witch was around one meg down. I haven't done any speed test sp I ant speak for that. Tech support could be better, I know 3 or so people with this phone and they all have issues, there have been rumors of it being recalled, not sure if its true, all I know is when ever my sister has issues they update or reset the phone and say its fixed, but a few hours later it screws up. I got my plan so cheap because I'm on a family plan. Work great in a pinch for when comcast has a stroke.


My sister went through 3 moments in 2 weeks and they gave her a Intercept as a replacement, So for so good for her. I had to have my moment replaced due to the GPS not working, The new moment I got the GPS and the Market don't work. So I guess Tomorrow I be going up to the sprint store and Ill be prepared to be their for a while. XD

On a side note. For any one in the south eastern Michigan area. The sprint store on Eureka at I75 is the best store around here. They actually try to fix your problems.


Well.... Where to start. My phone stopped charging correctly. My sisters intercept had all sorts of issues. So we took them in to the Sprint Repair Center yesterday. Took about 15 minutes before they said mine had to be replaced. The tech had to look at my sisters and they said about 45 min. We went down the street to best buy while we waited. Got about about 45 min or so later, I went in to get her phone. " Its going to be another 15 min" OK no problem. Went out to the car and waited about 20 min. Went back in then they were putting it back together. Yeh, they had her's tore apart. Im waiting and waiting. Finlay the tech comes out and tells me my sisters phone would not turn on. He explained that the Cable that goes between the keyboard and the screen broke. So my sister ended up having to get a loaner till tomorrow when our phones should be ready. But Im angry because this would be my 3rd phone and my sisters 5th phone in less than a year.


So far I guess so good. I don't use the internet on my phone much just because its slower and I have a tablet and get free WiFi at work and a few other places. My sister has an LG optimums now and it still has issues. Internet is still slow at least for me, I think its because my phone may not be 3G enabled. My friend has a Motorola Photon and hes phone and internets are pretty fast.


Few month back my contact came do and I go the new LTE Evo. I know that metro Detroit will never see LTE, but it was a huge difference. The internet is usable on my phone and I get most if not all my text messages.


Well I noticed Sprint finally started getting LTE up in our area. Unfortunately I don't get 4G inside my house but out side I get 4G. I got about a year left on my contract. Not sure if Ill stick with Sprint or go to another carrier in a year.

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