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Review by squirrel83 See Profile

  • Location: Astoria,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $25 per month
Good "Tether Service Threw Virgin Mobile for 25.00 a month."
Bad "Slow at times, NOT recommended for regular use. ROOTED PHONE!"
Overall "This is a great backup option if you need internet where you have none. Virgin Mobile."
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Value for money:

I am using the LG Optimus V(virgin mobile) Android phone. I pay 25.00 a month for unlimited texting, internet, and 350 talk minutes. Virgin Mobile uses sprints 3g network. I have the phone Tethered to my Netbook. I have considered Sprints 4g Clear network but found it to be to expensive and not worth the amount if I am unable to download torrents without issue. I have also looked into Verizon 4g lte network and found it too expensive for what is offered. Regardless these other options I believe this is simply great feature.

On the phone I have speed test records up to 3.20 Mbps download and 0.82 Mbps upload depending on the tower/area I am on.

I do recommend you only use this tether feature if you simply need basic internet use and are not downloading anything, JUST IN CASE. I do not like to abuse/raise flags to the feature while it is available. This feature is not NATIVE to the Virgin Mobile model of the phone so you must download an app to enable the wifi Hotspot/tethering. I use superbox, simply install --->Open --> under battery saver open settings ---> then turn on wifi hotspot, -->configure and wallla you are set free.

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