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Review by BlackMagicIT See Profile

  • Location: Avoca,Saint Clair,MI
  • Cost: $60 per month (24 month contract)
Good "It's adequate during off peak hours."
Bad "Reliability is non existent. Speeds and pings are ALL over."
Overall "Stuck with it until some other company saves me and installs infrastructure."
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I've been using the Sprint mobile broadband (that term is used loosely btw) for over 6 years. I am thankfully grandfathered into a 59.99 unlimited data plan (no longer offered). That is about the ONLY saving grace to this service.

Performance is lack luster at best. Sprint claims 3mb down on 3G networks. Best I've seen is 2mb - keep in mind I'm using a 30db gain directional antenna on my roof so the signal can't get any better (100% strength -67db). If I were to upgrade / change my service / contract (say when they ever get around to releasing 4G LTE to Michigan) kiss unlimited buh bye.

In the mornings the service is adequate speeds are in the 1.5 to 2mb range. Pings so so at 100ms. However as soon as the network becomes busy with voice traffic (e.g. peak calling hours) this service becomes useless. Speeds as slow as .4mb and pings in the 400ms range! If the performance wasn't bad enough the reliability is even worse. Every day is a shot in the dark as to how it'll perform - its a crap shoot literally. To make matters worse the past few months I've been seeing an increasing number of dropped packets on their end (WAN).

Tech Support follows suit and is nothing short of pathetic. You have to endure the first level people who are scripted robots telling you to unplug the data card, reset your router, blah blah blah BS. My last dealings with them I was basically pawned off and told to go to the local Sprint store. Which btw when I got there they just confirmed my hunch that the new modem they sent me was defective (bravo Sprint). Oh yeah you need a new one? Guess what? We can't help you - you need to call the toll free number again.

Dealing with Sprint is like being water boarded - every waking hour you endure pain and suffering waiting for the day you're rescued. I pray for the day some other ISP takes the initiative to expand rural broadband out here. Frontier / Comcast its time to get off your rump - save us!






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