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Review by JohnBasham See Profile

  • Location: Azle,Tarrant,TX
  • Cost: $60 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "They provide me solid fixed wireless internet service"
Bad "Not the best tier I support (always elevate)"
Overall "For rural areas in Parker county a welcome option"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

After thinking "high-speed" internet was not an option here in Reno, Texas (Northeast Parker County) I was turned onto a company that provides fixed wireless service. Once I was able to track them down (They certainly are a well kept secret) I made an appt to have service installed. From call to install was about 4 days. The telephone sales people were professional and helpful, but honestly not that knowledgeable about the fixed wireless service. It seems they provide this as a side-line to their main cable business in Keller, Texas (Tarrant County). Not sure why they built the system over here, but glad they did. The installer was VERY knowledgeable about their entire fixed wireless network. He explained where each of their tower locations were near me, and even had a good grasp of which tower had a lower bandwidth load and what I could expect. He mounted the fixed antenna on my roof on a small four foot pole and then placed the lan outlet/wireless modem connection exactly where I wanted (and that was no easy task). He had no issue with making as many trips as needed into the attic or on the roof to get the install exactly as I wanted it. He was not rush and the installation looks very professional (way better than DirecTV did!) After about 2 1/2 hours he had the system up and tied into my wireless router everything was as promised and the speeds were right on the money.... There have been a couple of times when the network has gone down over the past year (maybe 4) each time if it is not back within 20 minutes I have called... Tier I support is kind of a joke if you know ANYTHING about computers... as I always go through the entire internet connection chain at my end to rule out the issue being my equipment. But, if you let the Tier I people know you are knowledgeable and you have investigated your side they will elevate quickly and within an hour you will have an on-site/on-call tech on the phone to you. These are the guys who actually work the tower sites and the network infrastructure... THEY ARE FANTASTIC! they often times will fix the problem BEFORE calling you back and then they follow-up personally to make sure everything is okay... Overall I love the service. I do wish I had a cable or DSL option (price) but considering location and service I could not be more pleased.

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Mineral Wells, TX


interesting, over out towards mineral wells, brock, Millsap and weather ford we are able to get a new company on fixed wireless to, called next link been doing some background checking on them and they seam to be a huge backhauler for hues net and are just starting customer services, they where just selling only to businesses and enterprises, they have roughly 1ghz of spectrum in 70 top markets in the usa » and so far the people that have used them are loving the service, im kinda wondering if this one you have now is part of this..