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Review by ronnotel See Profile

  • Location: Wilmette,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $55 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Fast, easy install, slick customer service web site"
Bad "none so far"
Overall "check coverage overlay map in store before buying"
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I have been waiting years and I am finally ready to cut the last wired service extending into my home (AT&T subscriber phone service). I signed up for Clear's home internet + voice for $55/month. Installation was a snap and I get five bars when I position the modem near my window. Upload/download speed is 3.5M/1.1M which is far better than the SpeakEasy DSL I am replacing (which was $55/mo all on it's own). Service quality seems to be highly dependent on location. Being near the tower helps, but the service is quasi-directional. If you are directly in the path of one of your tower antenna's three horns you will do better. Clear has a Google Maps overlay you can see in their store that will give you an idea of exactly what kind of signal strength you will get - it's worth a trip to find out before you sign up.

BTW, Clear's VoIP has some cool features - such as vmail to email, selective call screening, etc.

May 2010 - have had the service for four months now and it's all good so far. Signal has never dipped below four bars, even during heavy downpour or snow. I have had to reboot the wimax modem a couple of times but no biggie, have never had an outage that I could prove was due to Clear. We have used the phone for a lot of international calling (screening au pair candidates) and the rates are crazy cheap. As long as signal strength is good in your location then I can strongly recommend.

May 2013 - Three years on and I guess I'm one of the lucky ones - perhaps because I'm directly in one of the tri-corn paths of my local tower and get a solid signal. I probably get one or two issues every six months requiring a modem reboot or a call to Clear. However, the issue almost always goes away before I can get someone on the line. I watch a lot of HBO TO GO and streamed movies from Amazon. Most of the time the show goes through uninterrupted, with perhaps 1 in 10 times I get some minor buffering. Overall I'm pretty happy and would hate, hate, hate to have to a get my service from devil spawn such as AT&T, etc.

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