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Review by PamelaTS See Profile

  • Location: Dallas,Dallas,TX
  • Cost: $52 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "When Moving the home modem is all you have to move and the service moves with you"
Bad "Much higher latency than I expected, FAR short of the UPTO claimed max speed"
Overall "I will likely take advantage of the $15 p/m intro for two months and switch to Cable ugh"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

See my newer CLEAR review; post moving.

I admit I was skeptical going into this. Had been an SBC DSL customer for near on 10 years. The recent rate increase they were putting forward were the last straw.

Information on installation is EXTREMELY spartan. Had to call tech support just to initialize the account. I understand green means saving paper there comes a point when taking it to such extreme is just ridiculous. No where was there any indication what to do setting up my third party router? is this a DHCP setup, or what?

I was supposed to see 6m down and 1m up. I see anywhere from 1.2 - 4.5mb down very inconsistent and the best up I've seen is low 600kb (very briefly). Based on wireless I anticipated higher latency SBC/AT&T I saw 16-19, latency on Clear is 64-97. Pingtest.net scored it a D, before it got blocked!


Called to cancel, gawd I wanted this to work well. It does work the latency is really high though. The initial sales rep was attempting to use high pressure which I did resist. The second rep I talked to was better, yet it would seem still dishonest. This morning the best rates I could get where under 2.75M down and barely over 500K up.

Customer service wanted to con me into waiting and trying other things with tech support so that my 7 day trial would evaporate. I'm hip to their high pressure BS.

I'm sure that if they would invest in rural towers where DSL is not and cable maybe then this could potentially be a viable option. In the city though where ROCK solid performance by DSL VDSL and even cable exist this is NOT a credible, economical option.

Want a laugh they actually expect you to believe they are gonna run a reliable VOIP service on this shaky connection, and sales was Oh yeah you can send/receive the occasional fax over VOIP. Sales said affirming oh yeah no problem, LOL! No, I didn't try the VOIP add on wanted to see a solid ISP first. There is no way a reliable VOIP is gonna run on the wild roller coaster connection, much less FAX over it.

Not happening, don't believe it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8-17-2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Ok, I moved a slight distance (3 blocks) had issues with AT&T no longer could get the elite tier. TWC had a wiring issue in the building which I wasn't going to pay for.

Giving Clear a second chance a friend informed me since I first tried them they had improved. I did not want a 2 year contract but that what the jerk gave me, Tha'ts ok, that Ccard expires soon I'll use that and the issues I been having since to renegotiate. Oh second tier tech support determined the modem was bad (flaky) expecting a new one today.

Still no way in hell they gonna run stable voice/phone on this and I'm only 5 minutes from downtown Dallas, Parkland Hospital and Love Field airport This is not a REMOTE area just blocks from I-35 the Dallas North Tollway and a mile from North Central expressway

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