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Review by dplantz See Profile

  • Location: Roslindale,Suffolk,MA
  • Cost: $62 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Unlimited wireless connection"
Bad "Contract Service."
Overall "much better than 3g wireless when you can get signal. New tech so your milage will very"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Update. I dropped the Overdrive for Verizon LTE . I pay my bill to Sprint but this a review of the 4g wimax from Clear not Sprint. I love the fact that its unlimited. Coverage is getting better by the week as more sites are powered up and new back haul is installed. Speeds in Boston are much more stable now. Getting 4 to 6 meg downloads and 900 or so uploads. Signal levels are also better.

The overdrive wifi device is rock solid now. I had it replaced. I had a defective one. This is my backup to my RCN modem. I tried the home modem, had horrible speeds. My Overdrive works fine for backup use, I just wish it had an eathernet port.

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Mr Bill


One solution to Clearwire problems

Well I really wanted this service to work. I don't need a superfast connection, just reliable and enough to stream video. Got the cpei 25725 Motorola set up and working within minutes. Very easy and was initially excited...AND THEN the monster came out of the cage. The connection kept dropping and I had to reboot the modem to get it to work again. This would happen several times a day. ARGH... I was pulling my hair out. Sometimes my speeds were good but other times they slowed to a crawl. Tech support was in the Philippines, unintelligible and were definitely reading from a manuscript. No help here whatsoever. Tech support gets a big 0 in my opinion.

Then I decided to try and solve the problem myself. I spent hours combing the internet for solutions and kept reading the same thing. If you don't have a good signal you will get slow, spotty service. This had to be my problem! I was in an a spot that was included in the service area but had just about the longest possible distance to all available towers. (I got two to three lights on the modem) What I needed was an antenna. The modem does not provide a external connection but I did more research and found a hack that allows an antenna to be connected and I immediately got a no drop connection with higher speeds.(full five bars and good speeds)

If you are having problems with Clear get an external antenna hooked up and put it on the roof as high as you can. Now I know I shouldn't have to do this but Comcast pissed me off so bad I was willing to spend the $250 on the project so I never have to deal with them again. The nicer part of this is being able to take the modem to my boat and use the internet there as well!

While being initially frustrated by the problems I am very happy with the service now and hope that a Clear employee sees this and makes the suggestion to place an external antenna connection port on future modems. Then they could sell accessories as options in spotty areas and make more money!

Los Angeles, CA

Re: One solution to Clearwire problems

Which antenna did you install on the roof. Do you think it would work inside of a wood house attic at the top? I have a good signal on my deck towards the tower, but lesser signal inside where my computer is located.

Anyone using www.cradlepoint.com mbr1200 with clearwire? Have been thinking of buying and locating at top of attic. Any comments would be welcome

Mr Bill


Re: One solution to Clearwire problems

Using any antenna will help. How much it will help depends on the length of cable to the antenna and the gain of the antenna. Basically the longer the run of cable the more loss of signal. The higher the gain of the antenna the more you can compensate for the loss in the cable. For instance if you buy a 18 db gain antenna and use cable that has a total loss of 8db you will get a 10 db overall gain. Buying a good quality cable and using the shortest possible run is critical to success.

Locating this inside an attic with the frequency that Clear uses is not the best idea in my opinion. As I put in my post the high frequency radio is very "LINE OF SIGHT" and even though they are using MIMO technology to partly compensate for this it is still sometimes a problem. You will probably see an increase in signal but not as much as locating it outside. If you don't want an eyesore outside consider buying an antenna which could be painted with a NON-metalic paint and match you house color. Check with the manufacturer on which ones can safely be painted without signal degradation.

As for which antenna I bought I would rather not say in a blog which one I purchased. This sometimes comes across as a company trying to endorse its own product. I don't want to look like a salesman trying to drum up business by touting a product. I will say that if you Google "Wimax antenna" you will find the company I purchased the antenna, adapter, coax and test lead from on the first page of returns. If you still can't find it let me know and I'll help you out.

Just Jay

I'm using tghe MBR1200 with ClearWire.. Works FINE..