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Review by cmarslett See Profile

  • Location: Pflugerville,Travis,TX
  • Cost: $52 per month
Good "FAST, EASY setup. No contract, cheap install ($50)."
Bad "Storms do take it out (wireless, y'know)"
Overall "After several months, I am even more satisifed than when I started"
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Connection reliability:
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The standard Clear package for my location is 3-6 Mbit (estimated, not guaranteed) using a wireless modem/router (refurb, $49). Initially, corporate VPN got about 480 Kbps, most FTP transfers get about 1.5 Mbps, Netflix worked, and the flash speed test typically reported 3.3 Mbps up, 1 Mbps down. I am paying $52/mo, a bit more than AT&T DSL, but it works all the time!

Bought the modem at Fry's, brought it home and plugged it in. Can't get much simpler. Modem is a Motorola 25725 black monolith.

After several months, the connection has settled down (maybe they had a lot of sales last summer?). Early on connections varied a lot. Sometimes no connection (say 20 hours the first 3 months), sometimes 8-9 Mbit down and 1-2 Mbit up. I have had about 2 hours down in the last three months and haven't seen a connection above 5 Mbit down. Uploads are still 1-2 Mbit. Which suits me fine.

Mostly I notice how easy everything is, I did do some moving of the modem around the house to find the best spot, but that runs rings around the hassles of getting a cable or DSL connection to work in this house. Since one early speed test (where I got 13.2/0.9 Mbps) I consistently do not get download speeds as fast as my DSL, or upload speeds as slow as my DSL connection gave me.

Well after 6 months it just stays the same (no chance of that with AT&T). If I get the urge, I may try Suddenlink, but I'll never go back to AT&T with their poor reliability and regular price increases. So I raised my ratings a bit, but otherwise no real changes.

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Delhi, CA

Worst ever

If you go over 10gig during a months service in my area, your connection is throttled to the point you can not do anything but view webpages and check email. Forget about doing that if more then one person in the house wants to do the same. down rate drops to a low as .025mbps. If I could get a land line of any type in the area I live i would! Dial-up would be better then Clear! I have had their service since April 4th of last year and have not once ever gotten close to the 6mbps advertised speed. I am only 1.2 miles from their antenna and I have external professionally installed antenna aimed at it.
WiMAX RSSI: -50 dBm
If you have any other choices in your area I highly suggest avoiding clear like a Zombie leper on crack!