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Review by aromack See Profile

  • Location: Delhi,Merced,CA
  • Cost: $49 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Was very easy to setup, plug and play pretty much"
Bad "Absolutly no CS. speed nowhere near promised, Speed throttling"
Overall "steer clear of clearwire."
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Received my clear express hub 2 weeks ago while i was living in Los Angles. Hooked it up and was impressed that it was actually pretty fast (bought the 49.99 3-6mbps service) and the connection was for the most part reliable. Moved to Delhi California, Clear sales was adamant about their being coverage and stated that I was in the middle of 2 of their tower and should get better coverage and speeds once I was in the new home. Got to new home set up and the very first thing I noticed was no speed at all. Despite my Clear express hub showing a signal strength of 4 out of 5 dots I get speed of less than the lowest tier DSL. Every speed test to date yields between .54 - .34 mbps down and 1.01 - .50 mbps up. Now onto the support for this issue. I have contacted Clear 3 times via their on-line chat and all three times ran through the exact same script of clearing my internet browser cache rebooting the modem, Than once the agent cant figure out what to do they simply END the chat session or say that they are going to escalate the issue to tier 2 support and I will be contacted withing 24 hours. 24 hours has come and pass 2 days ago and still no call from Clear. When I called them for support they where closed the first time I called. Called back the next day and again ran through the trouble shooting script then the agent said he was connecting me with tier 2 support, got hold music for about 3 minutes than they hung up. The only Clear thing about clearwire is that they want to sell their modems.

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Good speed, but...

We just got our Clear modem this week. It works well, and we are happy. However, their salesperson lied to us about the amount to be charged to our credit card. We were not given a log in and when I contacted tech support, they gave me one in an online chat, but when I asked how I was supposed to have found it myself he got sarcastic and said "Just use the one I just gave you," ; like I was stupid or something. The next day my husband called to change the name on the account to our full name because they had sent the modem to Dianne XXXX. That is not our last name. When he told the woman at the end of the conversation that he changed it to his name because his wife was nearly brought to tears dealing with their tech support, she couldn't get off the line fast enough! Try asking to speak to a supervisor--it's not going to happen. I'm not sure they even have supervisors!

Delhi, CA

Re: Good speed, but...

I got off the phone about a hour or so ago with yet another tech support agent and I was told that the tower in our area is congested and that since i was using up so much bandwidth I was being throttled to slower and slower speeds. The only bandwidth i have been using so far has been to do what their tech support has asked me to do, and go to speedtest.net and test the speeds during the trouble shooting process. So apparently to be able to get the advertised speeds you have (as suggested by a Clear tech)to unplug the modem for a few hours and only plug it in when you want to surf a few sites because if you use it to long and surf to many sites they will start to throttle your speed again. I signed up for the min 3mbps up to 6mpbs unlimited plan. They even advertise that they do not throttle your speeds which was a direct contradiction to what their own frigging tech told me. If I can find any other options in my area I am returning this Clear garbage since I am within my 30day period! Avoid this company if at all possible! Currently my speeds are not much better than dial up through clearwire!



Re: Good speed, but...

You are absolutely correct! This company advertises a bunch a false statements. I also get a speed of a dial-up connect and every time I chat with them online they tell me the samething then end the chatting session with me. When I look into my account with them it clearly states right there in plain writing by them that they can't dectet my signal because it's so low, but yet when I tell them myself of this problem all they tell me is that they will reset my modem at thier end and that should solve the problem, period! I pay them $50 a month for what? To recieve this lousy service they call 4G unlimited? What really makes me so upset is how they are so ready to collect their $50 monthly payment, but as a costumer, as to recieve the service they promise is a BIG FAT LIE! and they know this too.