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Review by ALLENIRON See Profile

  • Location: Odessa,Ector,TX
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "If its all you can get may god be with you."
Bad "Everything you can imagine and then some."
Overall "Stay away don't get ripped off by these crooks!"
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Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I have used clear since they first rolled out as Clearwire. for 6 years now i have suffered there worst and

there best. from grade a customer support to a support team i wouldn't pay pennies. from people who were

courteous to the rudest people on earth that make people like Hitler look like a saint.
I have always expected some bad service hear and there. After all no one is perfect and nothing infallible.

However the last 7 days have been unbearable. I have dealt with over 10 reps and while only 4 of them were

trying to help the rest could give a shit and care less. Speeds have been below Dial-up Speeds and sometimes

non existent . We get no credit on our bills when we cant use the service. We get no information about why its

going on they wont own up to anything just tell us its us and not them then it magically works for a few hours

at blazing speeds then back to nothing for hours. Tech reps tell you to reboot your modem never do this this

kicks you from there networks for hours. Also they throttle everyone the same. You say no big deal almost

everyone throttles. This is true but I pay for the high end service as we watch Netflix and play games online.

Other people may pay for the lower end service around 20$ a month I pay 50$ and I get throttled to the same

below dial-up speed as the lower end service which in no way do I feel is right or ethical to do to a customer

paying your paycheck.
At this point I wouldn't recommend Clear to my worst enemy as they wont even tell us why we don't have service

and would like to keep us chasing our own tails and bullshitting us to believing our hardware is broken.
Hell I had one tech rep tell me I wasn't covered in service area Last night! I have lived in the same house for

entire time I have had Clear. My modem is fixed to the external wall of the house in a custom fabricated case

which keeps it clean and safe from the elements and ensures no direct sunlight and maintains a beautiful 5 bars

of signal worst ever being 4 bars.
Now I assured the tech rep my house being 2500 sq-ft had not in fact moved out of the service area magically

floating or otherwise. After this he decided to terminate our conversation.
So for those of you thinking of investing in clear before you do check out
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