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Review by The Grif See Profile

  • Location: Geneva,Kane,IL
  • Cost: $119 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 6 days
Good "Speed and Relative Cost..."
Bad "None So Far..."
Overall "Fast Connection, No Caps, Static IP's all at a Reasonable Cost..."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I had Comcast HSI residential package for several years with no complaints. I recently upgraded to Comcast Business Class service because I wanted:

No monthly usage caps
Static IP's
Servers allowed

The price difference for the upgrade was reasonable IMHO...the speeds are faster than my residential service. I am consistently getting 30 Mbps down and 7 Mbps up...with 5 static IP's for $79.60 month...not too bad. Reliability seems great thus far...


After 1 year of trouble-free service...my Comcast Business class is now nothing short of terrible. I have daily outages...for the last 8 weeks...sometimes 3+ hours per day. I have had 4 tech visits, they have rewired and replaced all cable and hardware between my modem and the tap...no improvement at all.

Comcast customer support has given me many excuses for these issue...the latest was that there was a cable damaged by a construction crew nearby and it will take a month to get the required permits from my city engineer to fix the damaged cable. Well...I called the City Engineer and she stated that Comcast has no outstanding permits, etc.

So...at this point, my last hope is Comcast Direct...I am hoping that Comcast Steve can help me.

Update 08/24/2011:

I am still having daily outages on my Comcast Business Class service. Often times 3+ hours per day. Comcast has done nothing to help. I have had broadband since the old @Home days....in the early 90's...and this has to be...by far...the worst experience I have ever seen. Absolutely awful customer support.

I cannot run my business with this kind of service...no way...

Update 08/31/2011:

The infamous construction project was finally completed on 08/27/2011. My service has now been returned to normal. I have experienced no outages since.

So...in summary, my service was extremely intermittent for 10 weeks...with daily outages of 1-3 hours for both my phones and Internet. It appears to be repaired at this point, however, I just do not see how it could take over 2 months to repair service. Once again, this is not my idea of a "Business Class" service that I pay for.

It is nice to have it back, however, speeds are outstanding.

Update 09/12/2011:

Connection has now been rock-solid for the last 2 weeks...no outages whatsoever. Comcast has also now given me 2 full months of credit.

Although I did have major issues this summer...I still believe Comcast provides a great connection technology.

Update 12/12/2011:

Connection remains rock solid. Fast with low latency. I have ordered an upgrade to the 22/5 DOCSIS 3 business class speed tier which will be installed tomorrow.

I will review the new faster service in 30 days.

Update 12/16/2011:

I upgraded to the 22/5 service on 12/14. A new SMC D3 modem was installed and the old SMC 8014 was removed. The service is much faster. I am seeing 54 Mbps down and 8.5 Mbps up with PowerBoost. Sustained rates are now 25 Mbps down and 8 Mbps up...a real improvement.

So far...very pleased with the new tier.

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