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Review by bmetelsky See Profile

  • Location: Elyria,Lorain,OH
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Lots of HD programming, nice DVR, lower cost than TWC for television."
Bad "None noticed up to this point."
Overall "Great satellite television for my taste!"
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·Dish Network
UPDATE - 7/26/14: Left DISH early to come back to Directv. They had a great offer which included reimbursement of up to $200 for paying off my ETF with DISH. They installed the equipment about 1 month ago - a Genie HR44 and two mini's. The install went well and the installer updated some older cabling while he was here. The new equipment is fantastic. I have the Ultimate package and no complaints.

UPDATE - 2/14/13: Contract was up so I tried my luck at trying to negotiate a lower price. They were basically unwilling to budge, so I cancelled the service and signed up for DISH. Almost immediately after cancellation, I started to get bombarded by phone calls from Directv with offers to stay, then come back, etc. Some of the offers were attractive, but I had already pulled the plug. I provided them with the feedback that if they would have made me some of these offers prior to switching, then I would have likely stayed with Directv.

UPDATE - 10/19/12: Still with Directv. Had some problems with our older DVR, an HR-22. Contacted Directv to have it replaced. I wanted something newer but did not want to extend our contract, as it expires in January, 2013. Initially got the "we can't guarantee which DVR it will be replaced with", talked with someone in retention, and they sent a technician 2 days later. He replaced the defective DVR with an HR-24.

Update: We moved in December, 2010 and were able to get a great deal. Directv came and installed a newer SWM dish the day after we moved in. A few weeks later they added whole home DVR plus provided the newest model DVR - the HR-24, at a total cost of $99 plus tax. I had to sign another 2 year contract, but why not? I'm totally happy with Directv.

UPDATE - 3/24/12: Still with Directv and still loving it!

I had triple play from Comcast, which then became TWC in my area. I was paying upwards of $200 for the three after my initial 12 months, so decided to try Directv. Scheduled the install through their website, choosing the programming package, equipment parameters, etc. The install was scheduled for 2/14/09 and went well - the installer even let me add an additional receiver which I wanted for my son's room (he does not yet have a television but we plan on adding one and didn't want to have to add a receiver later at an additional cost). Total install was for one 5-LNB slimline dish, 1 HD-DVR, and 2 regular receivers. I paid zero upfront for the equipment (which is leased) and really enjoy the HD-DVR, which is an HR22-100. The DVR is much better than the ones that I have had from Comcast and then TWC. The programming package I ordered is saving me money compared to what I was paying for comparable level programming from TWC. There have been no problems since the installation and no rain fade noticeable to me. I am obligated to 24 months of service, so may update the review as time goes by. I did keep digital phone and high speed internet from TWC.

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Liars and Crooks

I was promised a $29.99 package for one year, if I signed up for two years minimum. My first bill was $58.43; my second was $64.82. I now find out it would cost me a months income to get their crap out of my house, and off my roof. I to am a victim, waiting for my two year contract to run it's course.



weather channel

The direct tv does not care about the safety of its customers or they would bring it back....it is not like all of its customers don,t pay a high price for it.....they don't even own their own satelite its dish,s,,,,so they can leave our prices alone and not give more to the ceo,cfo,and the rest of the high ups....what happened to customer satisfaction.....



Re: weather channel

What does that have to do with safety?


I do not like this new weather channel no more local weather like it was I could, I like see weather in my home town or calif. and other places

Bastrop, LA


We have been with DTV for 4 years now. We were with Dish before that. We were happy with Dish for about the 1st year & then it was downhill. DTV has been absolutely fantastic. But The Weather Channel is ONE of our main channels we watched. But in it's place they have put a weather channel in it's place that shows our area for about 1 min. & then goes off to all the other states. We are talking way up north. So we have decided that when our contract is up we are going to go to Suddenlink. There are many many people that we have talked to that have already cancelled with Direct or are planning to cancel when their contract is up. It's not like they don't have the money to keep the Weather Channel. They, along with Dish just seem to be very greedy. I guess because they can afford to. But with all the people that have made pledges like we have to leave when our contracts are up I'm sure they will feel a hit. I hate leaving them but their customers should come 1st. Not just some of the time but ALL OF THE TIME!!!!




What is Suddenlink?




Suddenlink is a cable/internet/phone provider. Not a satellite service. I had Suddenlink in my previous town. I SO wish they offered service in my current town. I always had great service and good pricing with Suddenlink. 5 stars out of 5!! Cable monopolies though dictate that I use the local thug service or get satellite. If Suddenlink is available, get it.




I only wish! We have thug monoply service in my town as well. Satellite is my only other choice and that leaves a lot to be desired. Thanks for the info.




I have suddenlink......the TV packages are too expensive.....thinking about Direct just for TV. The Internet service from suddenlink is great. My total bill just went up to 150....so I dropped the family package and sports package.....so now it's at 132.......45 of that is internet with Wifi for 4 connections at a time. The rest of the 132 is basic tv and taxes. If I drop the TV, suddenlink said with taxes the internet will be 46 and change. I think if I drop the TV, suddenlink may come back with a deal for me....maybe...lol