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Review by David See Profile

  • Location: Granite City,Madison,IL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Great channel selection,"
Bad "Tech support can be hit or miss"
Overall "Works, and works well for a dual reciever"
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Service worked on the day it was installed, only had to call repair about 2x that I can remember. The first guy stated I needed a new head unit and told me it would be $400 to replace. When I called back to cancel my service (I have been out of contract) they seemed to be more responsive in helping me. Main problem was the unit was stuck at like 75% on it's reload status (we lost power for a bit, and the main unit didn't want to reload completely). When I called back they stated that unit just needs it's memory jogged a bit, they had me go in and change the transponder to another channel and change it back, It worked and it came back up.

Cancel ling and adding service via DirecTv is easy to do as well as upgrading and downgrading your service pkg. Right now the price is at $65/month, but I am shopping the competition to see what's available as well as channel selection.

Still for the years I have had it 2004-Now it's been rather reliable. I have at most only had 2 outages (minus the power outages) that was because of the service. Not bad for a 5 year run.

Still have the service, got a discount of about $10 for the next year which lowered the price to $58/month.

This service is starting to disappoint as of late. The carriage disputes are one thing, but with the new boxes we got last year this one has been getting worse. I am starting to "shop around" as the value here on DirecTv is diminishing.

05/15/13- I have been investigating tv pkgs as the current $75/month is kind of sticking to me as there isn't much on tv I really care to watch but netflix has plenty. Another thing on my list of things to do is either they re-negotiate or I cancel. Either or won't bother me in the least.

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San Diego, CA

Hi Speed Internet

Do you have your internet thru DIRECTV? If so, how is it and would you recommend it? Thanks!

I start new work on
Granite City, IL

Re: Hi Speed Internet

Don't have internet through them as I have around me charter cable, DSLextreme, and AT&T uverse.