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  • Location: Evans City,Butler,PA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Best Choice for HD and Sports"
Bad "None Really"
Overall "WAYYY Better than Armstrong Cable"
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·Armstrong Zoom ..
Had Directv for 3 years and will never switch back to cable.

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no name


horrible service don't ever get it

first off every time it rains you can't watch tv. if you move they what to charge you to set up the satellite again. second they lie to you about prices and charge you more than what they said. third when you get your final bill they charge you for all these none sense things and have no way to show you your statement from the charge. DONT EVER GET DIRECTV they suck



Re: horrible service don't ever get it

I have never had that experience. I have been with them for 12 years and moved during that time. I got free installation, free dish and receiver upgrades and everything. I get billed for everything I signed up for. I have had signal loss 2 times (that I am aware of) in 12 years. Once during a torrential downpour, and once when I had about 2 inches of ice on the dish. Total outage time was about 20-30 minutes between both incidents. I LOVE Direct TV and highly recommend it.


Get Comcast then and talk to the folks in the Asia. Directv is the best customer service I ever had and they are in the US. They follow up and I love them. Sure there are storm issues with Directv however, after Hurricane Sandy on the east coast, Comcast was out for weeks. No discount. I hate comcast I want them out of my house and I hate folks who send US jobs overseas. Comcast is a cash cow and raping the US of jobs.



Re: horrible service don't ever get it

Hi, direct tv installed my service yesterday and today it stopped working. I called to cancel they said there is a 900 dollars termination fee. What a great company


I was transferred to direct tv from Verizon cause they r not in my area. Omg. For a sales team how rude.... They would not even tell me the price if packages until they do a credit check and set up a install what's wrong with that picture. The sales person was talking over me and said there must be a reason ur shopping g etc... I will never consider direct tv can u imagine after u have service what they provide.



Direct TV

Well I signed up and then decided not to, due to the fact you have to pay to cancel, So every business, make a product that people do not want to cancel. I do not know what is going to happen two years down the road. Nope not going to do it.

fuck directv


the worst service provider in the US!

i would not advice anyone to get direct t because they are the worst service providers ever in the USA. they are all bunch of piers, ranging from installers to supervisors.



Re: the worst service provider in the US!

Yes you right,never give them your credit card number,if you do it get ready for surprise,they will stole your money in the most shameful manner,even if you account its already canceled.
said by fuck directv :

i would not advice anyone to get direct t because they are the worst service providers ever in the USA. they are all bunch of piers, ranging from installers to supervisors.



worst service don't ever get direct tv

We recently got behind on our payment when my wife lost her job. Derict tv would not work with us at all. Since we use our debit card before to make a payment. They said they can bill us without our permission. Which they did.Then they said they would bill us again and there was nothing we could to stop it. Don't ever give these people your debit/credit card or acount information. Their service completely sucks. Every time we got a little rain our service went out. The service was ok when the weather nice. Direct tv's customer service and dish service is a freaking joke. If you use them just be careful.