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  • Location: Parsonsburg,Wicomico,MD
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Excellent DVR Service, great HD, good channel lineups"
Bad "Leased Receiver"
Overall "DirecTV is the best company I have ever dealt with, bar none"
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I dropped Comcast cableTV back in 2003 for DirecTV satellite due to a price/value comparison, Every aspect of my switch was handled professionally, and in a timely manner with absolutely no problems, The entire installation was free, with the exception of the shipping of the receiver box, just as promised by the pleasant Customer Service Rep I spoke to on the phone. It was very refreshing to be quoted a price and it actually being the price, unlike what was the norm with Comcast. It was also gratifying to see the installer actually show up at the promised time, again unlike what I was used to with Comcast.

On the occasion of my first service call a couple years later, it was again handled very courteously and professionally, again at no cost to me even though I did not have the Protection Plan that is offered. Subsequent service calls over the next few years have always been handled in the same manner, and I was usually given some extra credit on my bill, or an extra service as an "apology" for the inconvenience of whatever problem I encountered. I definitely got the feeling that DirecTV appreciated my business.

When I upgraded my TV to Hi-Def back in 2008, I once again called DirecTV to upgrade my equipment and service to take advantage of HD. Once again, DirecTV made it painless to upgrade, again at no cost except shipping for the new DVR Receiver. The installation of the new required dish was performed within a week, and went flawlessly. I did have to agree to a year commitment at the time of the upgrade, but my past experiences with DirecTV allowed me to agree with that with no problems in my mind at all.

I am extremely happy with my decision back in 2003 to subscribe to DirecTV and they have a customer for life as long as their service remains as excellent as what I have experienced these past seven years.

Saturday April 4, 20104 - My Amazon FireTV »amzn.to/1hF2k8V arrived today and 10 minutes after hooking it up I cancelled DirecTV.

I was happy with DirecTV the entire time I had service with them.

They were responsive & knowledgeable when I had a problem and the service itself was exceptional ... BUT ...

The prices have just skyrocketed to the point that that I just could not justify the expense any longer. I was paying almost $100.00 a month when I cancelled, and had previously dropped all the extras, Starz, HDNet, the Protection Plan as well as downgrading the basic service tier over the years to recover the fee increases ... and was STILL paying more than I was when I signed up 11 years ago.

I told DirecTV that I was fed up with paying for some channels or blocks of channels that I didn't want or use just to get channels that I DID want. I told them I didn't watch any of the Disney channels, or the Viacom channels nor did I watch the NBC, CBS, ABC or Fox channels and was tired of subsidizing all the crap just to get the channels I desired. I also told them that when & if they begin offering a la carte, I *might* consider coming back.

Now ... at least for the next year I'll be perfectly happy with Netflix and Amazon Prime offerings ... with NO FUCKING COMMERCIALS ... and saving about $1000.00 a year.

I just read where DirecTV has been / will be acquired by AT&T.

I'm soooo glad I cancelled.

I absolutely REFUSE to have anything to do with AT&T.

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Pleasant Hill, CA
·Astound Broadband

But your link is broken

The Amazon player looks pretty nice. I have an old, original Roku player, but I like the Amazon player better than the latest Roku. If I didn't have a Smart TV with the same features (except the voice control), I'd get one.

But your link is broken. Even changing the right bracket to a slash didn't help. Still, it's easy enough to just Google for Amazon fire tv.

And people should know that you still need a decent internet connection to use this.

Ex .. Ex .. Exactly
Parsonsburg, MD

Re: But your link is broken

Yup ... you're right ... link fixed.
And you're right about needing a good internet connection also.


Pleasant Hill, CA
·Astound Broadband

Re: But your link is broken

That was fast.

I used to have a promotion with Comcast TV including free HBO, and I don't think I watched more than 6 hours total TV during the 3 month promotion. I just found it easier to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime than go through all the steps to watch something on TV.



Direct TV Don't Do It!

I posted this previously in a site for activists against Direct TV. All the people there were screwed by DTV as well and you can review the banter and make an informed decision which I am sure will lead to you deciding against DTV as your carrier. I have also asked them to post on every Facebook site that advertises DTV and that we all go in search of Google and other sites to post our grievances on so that the public can view them and know not to get involved in Direct TV's scams. They are dishonest and very legally binding in their thievery. Look for our posts on all DTV sites before you sign up and save yourselves! Check out Direct TV Sucks!! in your FB search engine and see more posts. And do not sign up! Following is what they did to me that made me promise them I would be their worst nightmare! Please review it!

My bill with direct tv changed every month also. I dropped services constantly and they edited my basic charges to make sure I was not paying under what they wanted me to pay. They said this was in their contract; and there was a small loophole in it that does allow them to change "basic rates" while in contract. So I was locked in for 3 years and they changed my basic rates about 4 times in 1.5 years of that time.

I just left them and it took over a week to get the stuff to send it all back via the mail. Then they hit my act for $166 final charges in early disconnect fees 15 days after the day I said I wanted to cancel. They said this is in the "contract"...the "contract" for this being that they put on the last bill that they will bill you 15 days after disconnect "for your convenience". THAT IS NOT A CONTRACT...But since I had given them banking payments it opened the gates for them to steal legally from me. I have reversed the charges via my bank. From all of the other posts I have seen, they will try to re-bill me again. I have allotted for that money to be a tug of war match until I get the actual money from Charter whom are buying out my disconnect charges for switching over. This may also be a good option for any of you in the Nv area who have, like me, signed up for a contract with these thugs. If YOU HAVE NOT SIGNED UP WITH DIRECT TV DON"T! TELL ALL OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS ABOUT THE CROOKEDNESS OF THIS COMPANY! REPORT THEM TO BBB IF YOU HAVE HAD ISSUES. REVERSE CJARGES THAT MAY BE STOLEN FROM YOUR ACCOUNTS AND PLAN AROUND THEM SO YOU CAN KEEP DOING IT. FIGHT BACK!

FOR YOU, DIRECT TV PERSONNEL: Give me what I want and I will go away. You have stolen from me and lied to me. I want my cancellation fees back for the inconvenience and I want a letter from the CEO saying that you were wrong and apologize that you geared your services and contracts so...and will be fixing the issue for your future business. $166 may not be much to you but it is enough for me to write on all your sites everyday until you do or you go out of business. I am also telling every single person that remotely mentions cable services in my grocery checkout line in a major city that you people are crooks and not to go with your services. Nothing would please me more at the moment than to hear that you have gone out of business for good. Give me what I want and I will go away.