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  • Location: Independence,Buchanan,IA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Cheaper than Dish for first 24 months"
Bad "Lost signal, lots of misinformation at sign up"
Overall "Dish Network was much better for me"
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·Dish Network
I was with DishNetwork for 13 years and loved it, but the prices kept creeping up. Received a flier in the mail for DirecTV at a very significant savings for 24 months, so signed up.

Told them I wanted IDENTICAL features to what I had with Dish. Namely, Two Dual Tuner HD DVRs that can record OTA channels, and two regular HD receivers. What I actually got was 3 HD boxes, and one dual tuner "whole house" DVR. When they say "whole house DVR" all they really mean is you can play back a (ONE) show on any TV in the house. Want to watch two recorded shows at the same time? Too bad, can't be done. It also doesn't record OTA channels without paying to "upgrade" to the AM21 module. That module lets you get SOME over the air channels, but not all. DirecTV decides what you can and cannot watch over the air, regardless of what signals are available.

Install was a nightmare. A 17 day nightmare, in fact. That's correct, it took SEVENTEEN DAYS for the tech to finish the install from the time he started. Also, he arrived outside of the install window I was given, he was nearly 2 hours late. He worked until midnight the first night. Seventeen days and lots of calls later he came back to finish.

I lose signal every time it rains. Often for 30 minutes or more. With Dish Network I would lose signal during only extremely heavy rain, and usually only for a few minutes. Calls to DirecTV to get this fixed result in a tech coming to the house and saying I had the strongest signal he's ever seen and the first guy that was there trained him, so there's no way he'll be able to make it better. "Besides, your coax is too long and the frequency isn't strong enough to push through it when it gets wet". Whatever, buddy... Either I have the strongest signal you've ever seen, or my coax is too long, make up your mind.

Update: I bought a DVR on ebay, and I called with the receiver number to verify it could be activated on my account before purchasing it. The CSR said, "It should work just fine". The same day it arrived I got an email from the seller apologizing for unknowingly selling me bad receivers. I was confused, since I had already verified that I could activate mine. So I called for activation and was told that I can't activate a "leased" receiver that I purchased on ebay as it was now considered "stolen property". What?

A call to the executive resolution department to straighten out the matter didn't help. I was once again told the box was "stolen". I told them I had already been told it could be used. They actually reviewed the tape recording of the call and pointed out that I was not told that it would work, only that it "should" work. They were so sorry for my misunderstanding. Oddly, they never asked for the receiver to be returned, so I still have it, even though it's a doorstop at this point. They did however offer to let me lease another DVR for half the up front price normally charged and would not require an extension of my original agreement. I declined.

After a year on DirecTV I'm considering paying the early termination fee and cancelling. I just don't care for the service compared to Dish Network. It doesn't help that I switched to save money and my bill is now higher than it was with Dish. I don't understand why.

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