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Review by revmichaeld See Profile

  • Location: Gwynn Oak,Baltimore,MD
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "I have had Directv for over 1 year and I couldn't be more satisfied!"
Bad "Regular rate increases."
Overall "It sure beats paying Comcast every month plus I get 1080p on demand though DTV"
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Well, I have had the service for over a year now (Installed December 2010) and I have not had many major issues. I can only recall losing TV service fore 5 minutes over the summer last year but I regularly maintain solid signal strength in the 94-98 percent range on most transponders thus I don't deal with rain fade as much as someone who has signal strength in the 80 percent or lower range.

The online features of the system are nice and I love the whole home DVR system. I wish I had the 5 tuner system that Direct TV just released this year. Picture quality has been excellent as is sound quality. Most programming I watch is now broadcast in HDTV and I am able to view on my HDTV along with the Dolby Digital Surround. When there is not Dolby Digital track than Dolby Prologic II does a nice job of giving me surround as well.

Directv offers alot of programming choices and I enjoy accessing and seeing whats on with the New HD guide. I find Direct TV to surpass Comcast when it comes to PQ and features of its settop boxes. Direct seems to offer products closer to what FIOS would or is offering. (FIOS is not available in Baltimore City)

Well, that's Directv for ya.

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