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  • Location: St. Andrews
  • Cost Contract price not specified.

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Jack Matos


Unhappy DirecTV Costumer

My Advice: DO NOT SIGN UP for DIRECTV, unless you don't have any other options. Salesperson are not disclosing up front that once you sign up you're stuck for 2 year contract. Even the costs they tell is way off from reality. I can prove it. Again this is my advice. I learned it the hard way. Even the Walmart gift card they gave me expired prior to the installation. I am not sure if they are going to honor it to me. It's sad.



Re: Unhappy DirecTV Costumer

Watch them! They force free stuff on you, then you get a tremendous bill from them. You must call every month and cancel their free stuff, just to be safe about keeping your money. They are greedy for your money, and sneaky about getting it. I am not a football fan, then all of a sudden I got a huge gigantic bill for a special football channel that I never even watched! Seems when you sign up it is automatically billed to your account the year AFTER you signed up, because you did not call in and cancel it! Did you know you are going to get billed for the football channel? It is not cheap. You gotta watch them!



Re: Unhappy DirecTV Costumer

Thank u for let me know. Happy new year.


They were very dishonest to me. My 2 year term is up now. I will never ever advise anyone to go with them. I found out after i got it, and it was to late------Wait till you get billed when you are done----it is not good I will spread the word, like other people have me

Snow storm


Upset customer

I called at 4:30 to say that they did not show up to install my services between 12-4. The lady on the phone confirmed that my apt had been canceled due to weather and that I would have to pick a new date for them to come out, only the next day they had was nearly a week away. They did not bother to call me to tell me that my instillation was canceled either they just waited for me to call. To make matters worse, I just got a phone call right now more then half way though the day saying that I needed to call and reschedule. Thanks for nothing direct tv!