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Review by kcwoman See Profile

  • Location: Kansas City,Jackson,MO
  • Business customer Business customer
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I have had DirecTV since moving to Missouri from Colorado 4 years ago. I despise the inconsistency when there is bad weather, but have stuck it out as long as my billing is reasonable. For the last 6 months, my billing has been going up by $5 each month. I call them EVERY month, and the representative promises to credit the account and make my billing accurate for the following month. It NEVER happens. I have been trying to contact them online via their website contact option, which they promise to reply to within 24 hours. They ignore my emails. Google Fiber just opened an office up the street from me, and AT&T is working its way to my neighborhood. I can't WAIT to dump this company!!!!

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Direct TV is a horrible, despicable, lying company

Same problems here, unfortunately. Read through the rest of these reviews and I've experienced many of those same issues through my past year of service. Shoddy installation that destroyed my patio railing, horrible picture quality that only works half the time, solicitors calling daily trying to upsell you something, and the absolute worst customer service department you will ever encounter. I saw the DirectTV CEO on Undercover Boss; I say he needs to keep his butt in the office and fix this horrible company, make it policy to stop lying and cheating people, and apologize to the entire nation for inflicting this awful company upon the world.



Re: Direct TV is a horrible, despicable, lying company

Agree. I contacted customer service inquiring about the cost of registering for service, and the representative began by asking for all of my personal information-name, email and full social security number. After I questioned WHY my social was needed in order to gather cost information, the rep began to raise her voice and claimed she could not process the request without it. I then asked to speak to a manager. The manager claimed it WAS NOT needed, and was able to provide further details. After being on the phone for over 30 minutes, the manager then stated that I either had to join or all of my information would be deleted, hence I'd have to start from scratch with a new customer service representative. AND you still don't know if they'd be able to install the system in your home, but they are happy to gather your credit card, social security number, and sign you up for a 24 month contract. They are worse than cellular companies!

Re: Direct TV is a horrible, despicable, lying company


DirecTV is a HORRIBLE company.

From poor quality picture, and unreliable with the slightest rainfall, even with a strong signal and totally clear lie of sight.
To the horrible installers that DAMAGE your home.
To the even WORSE CSRs that are criminal in their behavior on the phone. I wrote the old CEO Mike White a certified, return receipt requested snail mail about the HORRID service, and even though I received the signed receipt back I NEVER HEARD ONE WORD FROM THE EXECUTIVE OFFICES about my legitimate concerns.

I cancelled and will NEVER USE DIRECTV again.



Dump directtv

I agree, our Directtv in Iowa is very unreliable. Can't wait for contract to expire. Jactuf!



Don't Get Direct TV

After 2 years of Direct TV They have Screwed Their Customers out of Millions of Dollars and will continue to do so I am going to contact the News try to Post as much as I can Its not Fair to the Direct TV Customers. I ended my ordeal with Direct TV and was told to Just turn in Boxes and My account would be Clear Come to find out They added Bogus Charges and now I owe which I shouldnt owe at all If your a Direct TV Custiomer I will Pray for you all. No one should have to deal with the undue stress that Direct TV causes please evaluate your Bills Carefully I know in my heart that this company is not right.

Pissed DML


Re: Don't Get Direct TV

I need your prayers. I am a current DirectTV customer and they are never forthcoming about their charges. Everything is to benefit them--not the consumer. I have been having fights with them since I ordered their service. I had just bought a new house and I originally wanted 4 boxes, but did not need them at the time. So I only ordered 2 boxes. Come to find out that since I didnt get the boxes when I ordered by services, then they would be $200 a piece to lease, and an additional $6 a month. Free NFL ticket is a joke. Had to pay for it year 2. Can't record movies you buy. I am soooo very done with them.