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  • Location: San Antonio,Bexar,TX
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I have had nothing but issues with directv from the moment I started
service. I requested specific services and the rep yes'd me to death and
when it came time for service to be set up, nothing was correct. There was
no internet set up. I didn't have the channels I requested. There was no
whole home dvr set up and when I called them after everything was installed
they told me that they did not have whole home dvr and that it would be an
extra charge to get the channels I wanted. The channel issue and internet
was set up that day. A couple weeks later I get one of their sales emails
and it says whole home dvr. I call them to ask why it wasn't set up and
they said they could and quoted me the price and they were going to charge
me close to $300 to have the technician come out and set it up. It took me
contacting the better business bureau to get everything I asked for without
the extra charges and hassle.

Now it's over a year later and I moved. It was cheaper for me to just pay
the cancellation fee so when I called to set up a payment plan for that as
I've since been laid off, they told me they will automatically debit my
credit card on file after 20 days. The rep told me that if I tell the bank
to reject the payment, they wll send be a bill after that. I asked for the
card they have on file and so I set that up. I checked another card
account I have today and they took it from an old card. I contacted
directv again and they "don't know why the other rep told me that" that was
the card on file and they will not be issuing a refund since the money is
owed. I explained that now my first month's rent check is going to bounce
because of them and she kept repeating that they have every right to debit
the account even though I told them they did not.

Stay away from them. Even if it's in writing it's on their terms at all

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lodged 2.1 years ago


DirecTV are scam artists!

I agree they are crooks, and stiff arm bandits.

Outrageously obnoxious customer service reps! Bullies, that attempt to threaten you . Fraudulent practices abound.

See my other post I made about DirecTV in the other recent review about them listed in the reviews.



Re: DirecTV are scam artists!

Directv cannot be trusted; they mislead - quote you a price, say $29.99, but by the time they done with you by adding charges here and there you total bill easily doubles what they quote you initially. Their business model is among those I avoid - they are deceptive.