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Review by marsha See Profile

  • Location: Schuylkill Haven,Schuylkill,PA
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I have Direct TV for a year now and I would not recommend them to anyone... At first they leave you with this warm and fuzzy feeling ..... till they have you sign on the line. When I was first researching Direct TV people who were unhappy with them all said the same thing. They will tell you what you want to hear BUT be concerned with what they are not telling you. And they only help you and make promises to you when it is time to renew... Which I will be not doing at the end of my contract and I am counting the months. I have had the service for for a year and got 3 receiver boxes FREE because of my credit at time of installation (And was told today I could have gotten 4 FREE with the deal I joined under)....Now a year later and never being a day late with my payment I call to get another box and I am told that it will cost me 99.99 for box PLUS a 6.00 a month extra fee. I can understand the monthly extra fee because another tv will be receiving signal HOWEVER I will not pay 99.99 for another box that in one year they will offer to give me for free to keep me when I disconnect and go back to Comcast.... Would you not want to keep a customer happy??? The lady on the phone just told me " After one year of service you are not considered a loyal customer" let me guess.... one year from now when my contract is gonna run out I will then be a loyal customer....I have to say next year I will be a Comcast customer AGAIN....Please listen to someone who has lived and learned Direct TV is not what they tell you they are..Beware of what they are NOT telling you.

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LISTEN to this MAN!

I too have the same opinion of DirecTV.

Had been a solid customer for two years with a contract, allowed them to use auto pay to deduct payments on time automatically.
When I went to cancel after MEETING ALL OF MY OBLIGATIONS it was the worst experience I have EVER had in my 30 years of dealing with CSRs at ANY company!!!!!

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Westwood, CA


I don't know what all the fuss is about. I had DirecTV (analog) for a few years; two boxes and three TV's; and when I called them about one thing or another about a year and a half ago the girl, when looking at my service said, "OMG!" "You're entitled to a new HDTV dish and two new HDTV receivers at no cost to you what so ever!" So I asked her what was the holdup? It was a couple of bucks extra for the HD but it wasn't much. The installation and all of the equipment was free. And I've still got the old dish and the two other receivers out in the garage (right next to the old DishNetwork dish and receivers from a few years before I went with DirecTV). The DirecTV setup hasn't done a thing wrong in the last couple of years. I've been cutting down the "package" some, over the last year or so. I've made up for more than I've cut with a Roku device that's attached to the TV and connects wireless to my wireless router so the Roku programming is there 24/7 as well. Any more I find myself watching movies and things over the internet and on my computer than I do watching things on the TV's.


look closely everytime

We have been loyal DTV customers for 12 years, due to a lack of choices where we live. Back in September we moved to a new place and took it with us,, no problem they even upgraded us to HDTV receivers we pay the bills, one day my husband gets to looking at the bill and sees that they are charging us for 3 receivers, we only have 2, he calls customer service and they tell him he has to pay the bill in full before they can credit us back the money. We owed 60$ they owed us 48$, didn't understand why after 12 years they couldn't credit it back. Fast forward to today, I wake up to watch the news and it says we have no service, call customer service and it won't let us talk to a person, keeps telling us to make a payment-we owed $88, paid $100 last week, so that would be extra money? Plus they still owe us the other credit! Now that we live closer to civilization I think it's time we just get CABLE!