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Review by liz1983 See Profile

  • Location: Chantilly,Fairfax,VA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Bad "The multiroom DVR is REALLY not an option until new software is installed!"
Overall "I feel ripped off and stuck in a contract with a company who doesnt hold up their end!"
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It all started in August! Hubby LOVES football, we were tired of crappy verizon, so we made the leap and signed up with Directv! Installed without programming remotes but thats ok. Day 2 of having playlist on other tv's??? We have 4 kids and like to record their shows for "tv time". I call about the fix. Now we see that the playlist will disappear all together or if it is there it will be from last week (shows we've already deleted will show up and new shows from that day are MIA?) I have reset the box, had directv to my house MANY times and even had a case manager (had a code 47 and 48..had these codes this morning!) STILL NO FIX

November when directv is tired of us calling, assign us a case manager...who should not work in customer service..ever, told me "in 3 weeks OR SO our new SOFTWARE will fix ALL your problems, no you cannot get out of your contract unless you pay $450" So, now its January:) December 4th my tv showed new software BUT I found out this morning that wasnt "THE" software so my problems are still ongoing! So, NOW, JAnuary 8th I still have directv and it still doesnt work BUT IM STILL PAYING BECASUE ITS NOT THEIR FAULT ITS THE SOFTWARE!!!! Isnt that your fault? I feel like I should get an hourly pay because Im always reseting, unhooking or speaking to DIRECTV.

Tv is such a small thing in life and shouldnt be this difficult. I pay you for a SERVICE, YOU PROVIDE ME THAT SERVICE..RIGHT? Not at pay them and you kinda get service BUT they are working on it so as a paying customer,I WAIT, wait until the engineers release "THE" software. Well Ive been patient since AUGUST and IVE HAD IT.

The manager this morning tried to comfort me in telling me " THIS IS AN ONGOING PROBLEM, YOU ARE NOT 1st PERSON I'VE TALKED TO TODAY WHO HAS THE SAME ISSUE. Thats sad! It sure didnt make me feel better, it made me come online and WARN others. If you want to pay for a service and not receive it...PICK DIRECTV...if you want a constant headache and always be "on hold"...PICK DIRECTV If you dont want your kids watching that much tv...PICK DIRECTV...If you like a big blue box informing you "your playlist is disconnected" every 2 minutes...PICK DIRECTV

If you want to be in the boat of people with the "same" problem for 6 months with no fix in sight...PICK DIRECTV

The promise on their website is a script not a "promise". If that were true I would be out the the contract, like requested, without paying you $450! I feel you breeched the contract and have not fufilled your end...not even close. But...the little people pay and the suits win! I cannot believe a "new" customer has had such a horrrible experience with your company is on the hook for the cancellation fee. Directv should pay me the fee and do me a favor for once! I thought it was cheaper to keep an "old" customer than to advertise for a "new" customer??? I hope if you have a similar problem you TELL THE WORLD...warn people not to get involved until this MAGIC SOFTWARE IS RELEASED! GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO ARE NEW IN MY SHOES, AND TO THOSE WHO ARE "OLD" CUSTOMER WHO CANT GET OUT..

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capt jack

Direct TV

Sounds so much better than crappy Verizon!

You CAN get out of the contract!

If they are NOT delivering what they promised you, they are in breach of contract, and as such you have a legal right to end that contract WITHOUT any penalties or fees as a result. You have given them MORE THAN ADEQUATE TIME TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM YOU ARE EXPERIENCING!

Call them back and politely tell them that you wish to cancel because they are in breach of their part of the contact. Also send a snail mail return receipt requested to the executive offices briefly stating what you have communicated here.


Re: You CAN get out of the contract!

Ok for one, the directv promise is that we provide tv programing that is their agreement to all of there customers. If the equipment is faulty yet its a know issue and it be worked on then they do not let you out of the agreement, you agreed to get T.V SERVICES which means u can watch live t.v then they have every right to charge a early cancel fee cause your tv is working and you are getting programing